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Maharashtra Regional Transport Office - Maharashtra RTO List, Services & Registration Charges

TeamAckoMay 31, 2024

The RTOs are very important in the management of various vehicle-related activities at a state level. Maharashtra’s RTO was formed under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. It comes under the purview of the Commissioner of Transport.


The Maharashtra RTO is distributed across the zone. It largely functions in accordance with the directions of the Motor Vehicle Act. This guide simplifies and outlines the steps to handle the Maharashtra RTO. It includes the process of registering a new vehicle and also the process of obtaining a permanent driving license in the state.



Overview of Maharashtra RTO

Like other states, Maharashtra has its RTO, a government agency responsible for the control of traffic within the state. The main function of the RTO in Maharashtra is to enforce the rules provided in the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. It carries out functions such as monitoring pollution levels, tax collection, and traffic regulation.

In Maharashtra, the RTO carries out various functions that are part of its specific functions and responsibilities.

  • Issuing learner’s permits

  • Issuance of new or refreshed driving licenses.

  • Providing duplicate driving licenses

  • Renewing licenses

  • Conducting skill tests for drivers

  • Permanent and temporary vehicle registration.

These diverse functions are just but a few indicators of the complex roles undertaken by the RTO Maharashtra. It is aimed at ensuring the efficient running of traffic and adherence to regulations within the state.

The Key Objectives of the Maharashtra RTO Include

  • Motor Vehicle Registrations: This consists of the issuance of registration certificates and registration of owner changes.

  • Collection of Motor Vehicle Tax: Collects Road Tax and vehicle inspection fees.

  • Road Safety Awareness Campaigns: Participation in statewide road safety campaigns.

  • Maintaining a Comprehensive Database: Management of vehicles, licenses, and permits for proper record keeping.

  • Issuing Various Driving Licenses: Handling issuance of learners, permanent, renewal, and duplicate licenses.

  • Issuing Certificates and Permits: Issuing non-opposition and fitness certificates for vehicles, international driving permits, and inter-state and national permits for commercial vehicles, among others.

  • Providing Licenses and Certificates: The trade licenses offered include stage carriage conductor licenses, trade certificates, temporary and permanent registrations, renewals, duplicates, HP Endorsement, and HP Termination.

  • Oversight of Motor Vehicle Acts: Enforcement of the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, as well as the 1989 Central Motor Vehicle Rules for compliance and regulation.

These functions of the Maharashtra RTO showcase the multilateral role of the agency in supervising vehicles. It guarantees the safety and compliance with national laws for hassle-free road operations in the state.

List of RTO Offices in Maharashtra


MH01, MH02, MH03, MH47


MH04, MH05, MH48





















Nagpur east




Navi Mumbai



MH15, MH51




MH13, MH45

The table above shows the current vehicle codes and offices in Maharashtra. The operations of the regional transport department are conducted in the different Regional Transport Offices (RTOs).

You can also get information about a particular vehicle by keying in the license plate or the registration certificate number. Maharashtra has more than 51 RTOs through which information on any vehicle registered either within Maharashtra or in any RTO nationwide is available.

You can also use the Transport department’s online RTO code locator on their website to easily locate your nearest RTO office. Just provide your location details, and the website will provide you with the details of the RTO office for your area.

Key Services Offered by Maharashtra RTO

Vehicle Registration:

  • Certifying new vehicle registrations.

  • Handling registration renewals upon expiration.

  • Assisting in the transfer of vehicle ownership.

  • Providing duplicates of registration certificates.

  • Managing temporary vehicle registrations.

  • Handling vehicle cancellations.

  • Authorizing number plates.

Driving Licenses:

  • Learner’s license

  • Permanent driving license

  • Renewal of driving license

  • Duplicate driving license

  • International driving permit

Other Services:

  • Motor vehicle tax collection: Charges imposed by the government on a quarterly or yearly basis.

  • Collection of fees: For services like registration, licenses, and fitness evaluation.

  • Vehicle fitness checks: Compliance of roadworthiness as per MV Act.

  • Registration of automobile dealerships: For dealers selling either new or used vehicles.

  • Trade certificate registration: For dealers involved in car purchase and sale.

  • Issuing NOCs for vehicles: Interstate vehicle certification.

  • Licensing driving schools: Training institutions according to the MV Act.

Vehicle Registration Process in Maharashtra RTO

Step 1: Get Form 20:

Enter your personal information, including the name, address, make of the vehicle, and engine details. The RTO will send a download link to your email address, or you can simply download it from the website.

Step 2: Fill out Form 20 Carefully:

Ensure you don’t misspell the long numbers used for the engine and the chassis. The figures should correspond with your vehicle’s invoice.

Step 3: Submit Form 20 with Documents:

Fill out the form and attach your ID, address proof, PAN card copy, vehicle invoice, insurance certificate, and vehicle fitness and emission test papers (in case it’s a used vehicle).

Step 4: Pay Fees and Taxes:

Go to the RTO office and pay the applicable fees and taxes. This includes registration fees, road tax, and trade certificates (when bought from a dealer). Additionally, there is a special tax for old transport units.

Step 5: RTO Inspection:

Your vehicle will go through physical RTO checking. They will analyze numbers, safety measures, and environmental compliance to ascertain they all match the rules.

Step 6: Get Your RC Book:

Upon completion of all checks, an RC Book is delivered to you by the RTO within 7-10 days. The number of your truck is recorded in this book.

Step 7: Installation of High-Security Registration Plates:

After purchasing your RC number, affix it to the number plates that RTO authorizes. Only in this case it becomes permissible for you to operate your vehicle.

Temporary Registration: It is important for cars that need to be registered after coming from the dealers’ showrooms. Registration is normally valid for 7 days, but for private/non-commercial vehicles, it may be extended to 30 days. A permanent registration is required within seven days after getting the vehicle.

Driving License Application Process in Maharashtra

When applying for a driving license in Maharashtra, meeting specific criteria is essential:

  • Hold a valid learner’s license.

  • Know traffic rules and regulations thoroughly.

  • Applicants for the commercial driving license should be 20 years old and above.

If you want to apply online for a Driving License in Maharashtra, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Parivahan website, the RTO service platform.

Step 2: Then click on “Driving Licence Service” under ‘Online Services.’

Step 3: Click on “Maharashtra” under the list of states and select “apply for LL or Learner’s Licence.”

Step 4: You should fully fill out the online application, submit the necessary documents, and pay the needed fee to arrange for your preliminary test.

Step 5: Come for the test on the designated day to obtain your Learner’s Licence (LL).

Step 6: Go back to the Parivahan portal and fill out the application for the Driving License under “applicant holds LL.”

Step 7: After one gets the LL, upload the necessary documents and book a slot for the driving test, which takes place after 30 days.

Step 8: Complete payment and take a printout.

Step 9: Take the driving test at the designated RTO.

Wait for the RTO official's verification of the document when you finish the exam. And you will receive your new Driving License by either speed post or courier.

If you want to obtain a Driving License in Maharashtra offline, follow these steps:

Visit the local RTO office and get the Form 4. Additionally, you can also print it from the Sarathi Parivahan website. Provide the required documents together with your filled form. Remember to include all the relevant documents with your application. Make an appointment for your driving test. Once you pass the test, your license will be sent to you by speed post.

How to Check Vehicle Registration Details Online in Maharashtra?

You need to follow the steps below for a smooth experience:

  • Start the process by creating an account on the VAHAN portal’s official website. Then, provide a viable mobile phone number and email address. This would be required for registration purposes. Then, you should set up a secure password for your account.

  • Upon creating the account, you will be able to view a platform containing the vehicle details. You can access this information by simply logging into your account. Key in the license plate or RC number to retrieve the vehicle details for those with existing accounts.

  • After logging in, you can see the information, whether it is Maharashtra RTO or any other RTO within the country.


When it comes to Maharashtra’s roads and the process of getting a driving license, we are all acquainted with the RTO. The RTO in Maharashtra is significant in enforcing vital vehicle management and the safety of roads. They cover different tasks such as initial registration, fitness of vehicles, licensing, and collection of taxes.

These offices make it easier to follow regulations by adopting simple and transparent procedures. Following the stepwise approach, as outlined above, will help you navigate RTO transactions in Maharashtra successfully and with ease. 

Frequently asked questions on Maharashtra Regional Transport Office



1. How long is the temporary registration number valid?

A temporary registration number lasts for 30 days from the date of the registration. This is a limited time frame within which a lasting registration number should be secured. However, this duration can be extended by contacting the RTO.

2. Can I drive my vehicle in another state without an RC transfer?

One has to register the vehicle with RTO Maharashtra for the RC (Registration Certificate) when such vehicles are purchased from other states. Normally, after over a year of moving to a new state, your vehicle requires re-registration at the RTO of the new state. In addition, you can contact your Regional Transport Office or visit the Parivahan website for more details.

3. Can I check the status of my driving license or vehicle registration online?

You can confirm the validity of your vehicle using the Parivahan platform. Go to the “Know your vehicle details” section. Then, enter your car’s registration number. Now, click the search button to get details regarding the status of your vehicle.

4. What is the RTO Maharashtra registration transfer process?

Whenever a vehicle is taken from another state to RTO Maharashtra, it needs to be registered in that state. The transfer process requires one to submit a duplicate registration application (Form 26) and a vehicle registration application (Form 20).

5. What are RTO charges in Maharashtra?

RTO has many service fees. It includes the registration fee, license fee, and permit fee. The specific charges vary depending on the service provided and the particular vehicle.


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