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Uttarakhand Regional Transport Office - Uttarakhand RTO List, Services & Registration Charges

TeamAckoDec 7, 2023

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Uttarakhand or Uttarakhand RTO plays an integral role in regulating all vehicles and ensuring road safety across the hilly state. Constituted under the Central Motor Vehicles Act in 1988, the RTO Uttarakhand facilitates compliance of all private and commercial vehicles to legal guidelines.


With over 10 million population and more than 7 million registered vehicles, the Uttarakhand RTO strives to streamline all vehicle and license related processes for its citizens. This comprehensive 4000 words guide will cover all facets of the Uttarakhand RTO in detail.



Objectives and Key Functions

The Uttarakhand RTO operates under the Transport Department of the state government. It has regional and sub-regional offices across all 13 districts.

The RTO is responsible for:

  • Vehicle registration and transfer of ownership

  • Issuance of driving licenses

  • Issuance of permits for commercial passenger and transport vehicles

  • Conducting fitness certification tests

  • Collection of road taxes and fees

  • Maintaining databases of vehicles, drivers and permits

By handling these crucial responsibilities, the RTO Uttarakhand aims to achieve key objectives including:

  • Strict Implementation of Motor Vehicles Act: All vehicles and drivers must comply with legal guidelines on licensing, registration, taxation, passenger safety etc. as per Central and State Motor Vehicles rules.

  • Systematic Registration Process: Smooth process for registration of all types of private and commercial vehicles within mandated timelines.

  • Testing and Certification of Vehicles: Ensuring continuing roadworthiness and emission compliance through fitness tests.

  • regulated Licensing Mechanism: Confirming driving competence through stringent license tests and minimum age requirements.

  • Permit Governance: Controlling commercial goods and passenger transportation through permits for inter-state operations.

  • Road Safety Promotion: Spreading awareness among the public regarding traffic rules and safe driving practices.

Thus the RTO Uttarakhand plays a pivotal role in enforcing vehicular discipline through regulation and robust processes.

Complete RTO Network in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand has over 20 regional and sub-regional transport offices mapped to its 13 districts. This vast network of RTOs makes it convenient for citizens across the state to access services.

Here is the list of all RTOs in Uttarakhand with their jurisdiction area:


RTO Code

Regional Office Locations



Almora, Bhowali












Dehradun, Rishikesh, Vikasnagar



Haridwar, Roorkee



Haldwani, Nainital

Pauri Garhwal





Pithoragarh, Tanakpur




Tehri Garhwal



Udham Singh Nagar


Kashipur, Rudrapur




You can locate the nearest RTO office in your district along with contact details on the Uttarakhand Transport Department's website.

The RTOs have designated Regional Transport Officers (RTOs) and Assistant RTOs (ARTOs) along with supporting inspectors and clerks handling day-to-day activities. Additional facilities like computerized testing tracks, vehicle inspection ramps etc. are also available at most offices.

Essential Services Offered by Uttarakhand RTO

The RTO in Uttarakhand provides a host of useful services to vehicle owners and drivers across the state. Here are some of the most popular RTO offerings:

Vehicle Registration and Related Services

  • Fresh Registration - For newly purchased vehicles in Uttarakhand

  • Temporary Registration - Short validity registration for vehicles entering Uttarakhand from other states

  • Renewal of Registration - Upon expiry of the existing 15-year vehicle registration

  • Transfer of Ownership - Required when selling a registered vehicle to change ownership details

  • Duplicate RC - Provides replacement RC book in case of damage or loss

  • Change of Address in RC - Updating RC with new address when vehicle owner shifts residence

  • Alteration of Vehicle - Approval required for modifying registered vehicles

  • Hypothecation Termination - Removal of financier lien on RC post full loan payment

  • Scraping Certificate - For taking condemned vehicles off the road permanently

Thus the RTO handles multiple facets of vehicle registration - both fresh registration and changes to existing RCs.

Driving Licensing Services

Key license services offered by the Uttarakhand RTO include:

  • Learner's License - Temporary 6-month license for new drivers above 16 years to legally practice under supervision

  • Permanent License - Issued for experienced drivers above 18 years after passing RTO test

  • Driving License Renewal - Mandated every 20 years to ensure continuing competence through medical tests

  • Duplicate Driving License - Provides replacement license in case of damage, loss of original

  • Addition of New Vehicle Class - Allows holders driving 2-wheelers to legally upgrade to cars/commercial vehicles through additional certification

  • Change of Address/Particulars in License - Updates license with current owner address and other details

Thus the RTO Uttarakhand regulates driving permissions for all types of private and commercial vehicles via appropriate licenses.

Permits for Commercial Vehicles

Key permits and clearances furnished for passenger and goods transportation vehicles like trucks, buses, taxis and cabs by the RTO include:

  • Stage Carriage Permit - For buses following pre-defined routes

  • Contract Carriage Permit - Issued for private commercial vehicles like tourist cabs, company buses etc.

  • Goods Carriage Permit - Provides authorization for transport trucks and carrier vehicles to operate within, across states

  • Private Service Vehicle Permit - Required for vehicles ferrying employees, school children or for personal non-commercial usage

  • National Permit - Allows commercial vehicles to legally transit across multiple states

  • All India Tourist Permit - Special allowance for tourist transport vehicles for interstate travel

Thus through appropriate permits, the RTO regulates all commercial vehicles providing goods or passenger transit services within Uttarakhand.

Other Value Added Offerings

Additionally, the RTO also furnishes other useful services including:

  • Trade Certificate Registration - Mandatory for dealers involved in selling new/used vehicles registered under their business names

  • Fitness Certification - Conducting tests every 2 years to certify continuing roadworthiness as per MV Act

  • Driving School Licenses - Issuing licenses to institutes providing driving lessons/training

  • Vehicle Scrapping - Inspection and deregistration of condemned vehicles

  • Data Records/Information - Maintains centralized records of vehicles, licenses, permits etc.

  • Collection of Statutory Taxes/Fees - Gathers road tax, registration fees, permit charges etc. on behalf of the state government

Therefore, the RTO also plays a supportive role to facilitate smooth documentation, travel, transportation and commerce for vehicles in Uttarakhand.

Step-by-Step RTO Processes and Guidelines

Here are the step-by-step processes mandated by the Uttarakhand RTO for obtaining some of its most popular services:

Vehicle Registration Process

Follow these steps for fresh registration of new/pre-owned vehicles with the Uttarakhand RTO:

Step 1 - Fill out Form 20 application available online or at RTO office

  • Capture personal details - name, age, address etc.

  • Enter relevant vehicle specifications - category, fuel type, engine number etc.

  • Leave no mandatory field blank

Step 2 - Submit Form 20 with supporting documents

  • Proof of identity and residence - Aadhaar card, passport etc.

  • PAN Card copy

  • Vehicle invoice from dealer/seller

  • Motor insurance papers

  • Emission test certificate

Step 3 - Pay prescribed registration fee and applicable road taxes

  • Registration charges - Rs. 600 (bikes), Rs. 1200 (cars)

  • Road tax - 8% to 15% depending on vehicle cost

  • Other fees like trade certificate charges as applicable

Step 4 - Bring vehicle to RTO for inspection on allotted date

  • Physical verification of all submitted documents

  • Additional safety and emission tests

Step 5 - Collect registration certificate (RC Book) within 7 days

  • Thus the RTO rigorously vets vehicle worthiness before issuing permanent registration numbers.

Driving License Application Process

To obtain a permanent driving license from the Uttarakhand RTO:

Step 1 - Apply for 6 months valid Learner's License at age 16+ years

  • Submit age, address, identity proof documents

  • Pass computerized RTO test

Step 2 - Enroll with a recognized driving school for practical lessons

Step 3 - Practice under experienced supervision

Step 4 - Appear for RTO driving test

Step 5 - If test passed, submit Form 1 and Form 2 applications

Step 6 - Provide suitable documents - ID, age proof, passport photographs

Step 7 - Pay license application fee

Step 8 - Permanent driving license will be issued by RTO in 7 days

Thus the RTO mandates formal training and stringent testing before granting permanent 20-year licenses to drive private or commercial vehicles.

Transferring Vehicle Ownership

Follow this process when selling a registered vehicle within Uttarakhand:

Seller Steps

  • Inform RTO with Form 29 application

  • Submit copy of registration papers

Buyer Steps

  • Furnish purchase details in Form 30

  • Provide residence proof, insurance papers

  • Pay transfer fee of Rs. 300

Joint Steps

  • Visit RTO office together

  • Confirm payment of all dues and taxes

  • Get ownership transfer endorsement on RC

Hence, registration details have to be formally updated via the RTO when vehicle ownership is exchanged between parties.

Charges Applicable for Key RTO Services

The Uttarakhand RTO levies reasonable fees and taxes for its major offerings:



Driving License Fees

Rs. 150 (Learner's), Rs. 200 (Permanent)

Driving Test Fees

Rs. 300 per vehicle class

Fitness Certificate

Rs. 200 per certificate

Vehicle Registration

Rs. 600 (bikes), Rs. 1200 (cars)

Temporary Registration

Rs. 300 valid for 1 month

Trade Certificate

Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000

Permit Fees

Rs. 1000 to Rs. 7200 per permit type

Transfer of Ownership

Rs. 300 per transaction

Duplicate RC

50% of original registration fee

In addition to these charges, applicable road taxes, parking fees and green cess will be levied based on vehicle cost, fuel type, seating capacity etc.

Key Statistics

As per latest records, the Uttarakhand RTO has:

  • Over 7 million vehicles registered across the state

  • Issues over 5 lakh driving licenses annually

  • Facilitates ownership transfer of over 2 lakh used vehicles being sold to new owners

  • Oversees over 1.25 lakh goods carriage vehicles like trucks, tempos through permits and clearances

  • Conducts over 20 lakh automated tests for driving licenses and other verticals every year

  • Collects over Rs. 650 crore in motor vehicle taxes and fees annually for the Uttarakhand state government


Thus, through a wide network of 20 strategically located offices, the Uttarakhand Regional Transport Offices offer a host of useful services related to registration, licensing, taxation, permits and overall compliance to the Motor Vehicles regulatory framework.

By handling documentation, fitness certification, ownership transfers and database management professionally, the RTO Uttarakhand strives to ensure the roadworthiness of vehicles and competence of drivers across the hilly state. This enhances passenger and pedestrian safety along with streamlining goods and public transportation via trucks, buses and commercial fleets.

So by understanding the processes and charges applicable for different services, citizens can save time and effort involved in completing essential vehicle related formalities at the Uttarakhand RTO.

Frequently Asked Questions on Uttarakhand Regional Transport Office



Q: How many regional transport offices (RTOs) are there in Uttarakhand?

A: Uttarakhand has over 20 regional and sub-regional transport offices mapped to its 13 districts.

Q: What are some key objectives of the Uttarakhand RTO?

A: Key objectives include strict implementation of motor vehicles act, systematic registration process, testing and certification of vehicles, regulated licensing mechanism, permit governance, and road safety promotion.

Q: What services does the RTO in Uttarakhand provide?

A: Major services include vehicle registration, driving licenses, permits for commercial vehicles, fitness certification, collection of taxes/fees, trade certificate registration, and driving school licenses.

Q: What is the process to obtain a permanent driving license from the Uttarakhand RTO?

A: The process includes - Apply for 6 month learner's license at 16+ years, enroll with a driving school for lessons, practice under supervision, appear for RTO driving test, submit Form 1 and 2 applications with documents, pay license fee.

Q: What documents do I need for transferring ownership when selling my registered vehicle?

A: The seller needs to submit Form 29 application and copy of RC. The buyer submits Form 30 with residence proof, insurance papers and pays Rs. 300 transfer fee. Both parties then visit RTO to confirm transfer.

Q: How much tax do I need to pay when registering my new car in Uttarakhand?

A: You need to pay a registration fee of Rs. 1200 along with applicable road tax which is 8% to 15% depending on the car's cost. Additional fees may apply.

Q: What is the cost of getting a duplicate registration certificate (RC) in Uttarakhand?

A: The cost of a duplicate RC is 50% of the original registration fee paid for that vehicle.

Q: How do I check records of my vehicle or license at the RTO Uttarakhand?

A: You can access data records and information on vehicles, licenses, permits etc. maintained digitally at the concerned regional RTO office.


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