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Arunachal Pradesh Regional Transport Office - Arunachal Pradesh RTO List, Services & Registration Charges

TeamAckoNov 30, 2023

Dealing with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) can seem intimidating for us common folk! From registering your new wheels to getting a permanent driving license, the paperwork and procedures involved make the process confusing and stressful.

Arunachal Pradesh Regional Transport Office

But here's the good news - this guide will simplify the Arunachal Pradesh RTO maze for you by clearly explaining all the steps and requirements at the Arunachal Pradesh RTO. 



Overview of Arunachal Pradesh RTO

The RTO offices in Arunachal Pradesh function under the State Transport Department. The key roles and responsibilities of the RTO include:

  • Collection of taxes and fees for registration and licensing services

  • Conducting fitness tests to ensure the roadworthiness of vehicles

  • Enforcement of motor vehicle rules and traffic regulations

  • Maintaining a database of registered vehicles and licensed drivers

The RTO aims to promote safety, citizen convenience and transparency in its functioning. Vehicle owners and drivers can access RTO services through 16 offices across the state. Many services are now available online as well.

Regional Transport Officers (RTOs) and Assistant RTOs head the RTO offices. They are supported by Motor Vehicle Inspectors, Assistant MVIs, clerks and other administrative staff.

The key objectives of the Arunachal Pradesh RTO include

  • Effective administration of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988

  • Smooth facilitation of new registrations and renewals

  • Scientific inspection and certification of vehicle fitness

  • Granting driving licenses after due testing

  • Regulation of vehicle permits for passenger and goods transport

  • Collection of revenues in the form of fees and taxes

  • Computerization to enhance efficiency and transparency

  • Promoting road safety awareness among citizens

By fulfilling these objectives, the RTO aims to strengthen the enforcement of vehicular laws and compliance by citizens.

List of RTO Offices in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh has 16 Regional Transport Offices mapped to different districts and sub-divisions. The RTO code indicates the location of the RTO office.


RTO Code





























Kurung Kumey




You can find your nearest RTO office's address and contact details on the Transport Department website. Locate your RTO by entering your area pin code or district name on the RTO finder portal.

Key Services Offered by Arunachal Pradesh RTO

The RTO in Arunachal Pradesh provides the following services to vehicle owners and drivers in the state:

Vehicle Registration and Related Services

  • Issue of registration certificates for new vehicles

  • Renewal of registration upon expiry

  • Transfer of vehicle ownership

  • Duplicate registration certificate

  • Temporary Registration

  • Vehicle cancellation

  • Data entry of registration records

  • Number plate authorization

Driving Licenses

  • Learner's license for new drivers

  • Permanent driving license

  • Driving license renewal

  • Duplicate driving license

  • Addition of new vehicle class

  • International driving permit

Commercial Vehicle Permits

  • All India Tourist Permit

  • National Permit for goods carriage

  • Temporary Permit

  • Special Permit

  • Private Service Vehicle permit

  • State Permit

Other Services

  • Collection of taxes and fees

  • Fitness inspection and certification

  • Trade certificate for dealers

  • Driving school licenses

  • Records maintenance

  • Vehicle clearance certificates

  • Authorization of registration plates

  • Set up and regulation of vehicle testing centres

Vehicle Registration Process in Arunachal Pradesh

Follow these steps to register your new vehicle with the Arunachal Pradesh RTO:

Step 1: Obtain Form 20 - Application for Registration

Form 20 is the vehicle registration application form available at RTO offices or can be downloaded from the Transport Department website. It must be filled by the vehicle owner with details like:

  • Owner's name, age, address

  • Vehicle details - make/model, type, fuel, etc.

  • Engine and chassis number

  • Vehicle invoice reference

  • Motor Insurance details

Step 2: Fill out Form 20 with vehicle and owner details

It is important to provide all details in Form 20 without any errors accurately. The 17-character chassis number and 10-character engine number should match the vehicle invoices.

Step 3: Submit Form 20 along with documents

Documents to be submitted along with completed Form 20:

  • Proof of identity and residential address

  • PAN card copy

  • Vehicle invoice from the dealer

  • Insurance certificate

  • Roadworthiness certificate for used vehicles

  • Emission test certificate

Step 4: Pay prescribed registration fees and taxes

The applicable registration charges and road taxes have to be paid at the RTO counter in cash or demand draft. This includes:

  • Registration fees

  • Road tax is based on vehicle cost, type, capacity, etc.

  • Fee for trade certificate if bought from a dealer

  • Green tax for transport vehicles older than 8 years

Step 5: Get the vehicle physically inspected by RTO

Once Form 20 and fees are submitted, the RTO will conduct a physical inspection of the vehicle. The inspector verifies chassis/engine number, safety components, PUC, etc., as per the Motor Vehicles Act.

Step 6: Obtain a Registration Certificate (RC book)

After document verification and inspection, the RTO issues the RC book within 7-10 days. The registration number allotted to the vehicle is mentioned in the RC.

Step 7: Affix high-security registration plates

Approved registration number plates must accompany the RC. Only after affixing the plates can the vehicle be driven legally.

Driving License Application Process in Arunachal Pradesh

Here are the step-by-step instructions to apply for a new driving license or renew your existing license in Arunachal Pradesh:

For New Driving License

  • Apply online or visit RTO to obtain Form 4 for a learner's license.

  • Provide documents for age and identity proof.

  • Pay the learner's license fees.

  • Pass the computerized learner's test to get a 6-month validity learner's license.

  • Enroll for training at a designated driving school.

  • After 30 days, book an appointment for the driving test at RTO.

  • Bring your own vehicle of the proper category for the test.

  • On passing the driving test, the RTO approves the issuance of a permanent license.

  • Collect the printed laminated card license when ready.

For License Renewal

  • Apply within 60 days of expiry using the prescribed Renewal Application Form along with a medical certificate.

  • Provide valid proof of existing license.

  • Pay renewal fees at RTO and get an acknowledgement receipt.

  • Collect renewed plastic card license within 1 week.

For Duplicate License

  • Report loss and file FIR with police. Obtain a copy of FIR.

  • Apply for a duplicate license using Form LLD along with documents.

  • Pay duplicate license fees.

  • Collect the duplicate license from RTO within 7 days.

RTO Fees and Taxes in Arunachal Pradesh

The RTO collects the below fees and taxes for registration and licensing services:

Registration Charges

  • Fresh registration fees - ₹600 for bikes, ₹1200 for cars

  • Duplicate RC - ₹100

  • Temporary registration - ₹300 valid for 1 month

  • Fitness certificate - ₹200 per year

  • Transfer of ownership - ₹300

  • Special numbers - ₹5000 extra

Driving License Fees

  • Learner's license - ₹150 for 6 months

  • Driving license - ₹200 for 20 years

  • Duplicate license - ₹200

  • Renewal - ₹200 every 15 years

  • New vehicle class addition - ₹150 per class

Road Taxes

  • 9% for bikes up to ₹50,000 cost

  • 11% for private cars up to ₹6 lakhs

  • 13% for SUVs and luxury cars

  • 14% for diesel vehicles

Other Charges

  • PUC certificate - ₹60 valid for 6 months

  • Driving school license - ₹1000 per year

How to Check Vehicle Registration Details Online in Arunachal Pradesh?

You can instantly check the registration details of any vehicle registered in Arunachal Pradesh through the following methods:

  • Vahan Portal: Visit and enter the vehicle number to view the national register.

  • mParivahan App: Use the mobile app and search for the vehicle number to see details.

  • SMS Service: Send the registration number via SMS to receive the vehicle owner's name and other information.

  • Transport Website: Visit the website and search ‘in vehicle records/ using the number.

Online verification retrieves details like owner name, registered address, fitness, Permit status, etc., from the centralized national register.

Transferring Vehicle Ownership in Arunachal Pradesh

Follow this process to transfer vehicle ownership upon sale:

  • Inform RTO within 14 days using the Application for Transfer of Ownership - Forms 29 and 30.

  • Submit original RC book, insurance papers, sale invoice, and NOC from financer if loan pending.

  • Remove old number plates and return to RTO.

  • Pay the prescribed transfer fee and applicable road tax for the remaining period.

  • RTO will verify documents and update registration records with the new owner's details.

  • The new RC book will be issued in the transferee's name.

Prompt transfer of ownership is essential to avoid legal complications later. The buyer assumes liability for the vehicle after transfer.

Obtaining a Duplicate Registration Certificate in Arunachal Pradesh

Follow this procedure if your original RC book is stolen, damaged or lost:

  • File an FIR with the police in case of theft or loss. Obtain a copy of FIR.

  • Apply for duplicate RC at RTO using Form 26.

  • Pay the prescribed fees for duplicate RC based on vehicle type.

  • If available, submit your damaged original RC book.

  • Provide personal identification documents and address proof.

  • Attach vehicle invoices or old photographs if available.

  • The RTO will verify the details and issue a fresh duplicate Registration Certificate (RC).

Applying quickly for duplicate RC prevents misuse of your stolen or lost registration details.


The RTO offices in Arunachal Pradesh offer crucial vehicle regulation and road safety services. From fresh registration to fitness certification, license issuance and tax collection, the RTOs aim to streamline compliance through transparent processes.

Knowing the applicable fees and documentation will help you avail RTO services smoothly. You can also leverage online facilities for added convenience. Follow the step-by-step processes and requirements highlighted in this guide for hassle-free RTO transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions on Arunachal Pradesh Regional Transport Office



Is it compulsory to renew the car registration?

Yes, it is compulsory for everyone to renew their car registration within the period of 10 to 15 years, depending on the type of vehicle a person owns.

Which individuals are exempt from road tax in Arunachal Pradesh?

In Arunachal Pradesh, no exemption is given in regard to road tax.

Can I check the status of my driving license or vehicle registration online?

Yes, most of the Arunachal Pradesh RTOs offer online services for checking the status of driving licenses, vehicle registrations, and different types of related services.

What are the different types of services offered by the Arunachal Pradesh RTO?

The Arunachal Pradesh RTO offers services like vehicle registration, issuance of driving licenses, renewal of permits, collection of road taxes and many more.

How can one pay road tax in Arunachal Pradesh?

Any individual can pay road tax online by visiting the e-vahan portal


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