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Chhattisgarh Regional Transport Office - Chhattisgarh RTO List, Services & Registration Charges

TeamAckoMay 31, 2024

Chhattisgarh is famous for its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes and has a well-organized system for managing transportation. Regards to this, the Chhattisgarh Regional Transport Office plays an essential role in regulating as well as facilitating varied aspects of road transport, issuing and renewal of driving licenses, collecting road taxes, and many more things.


Moreover, it operates under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, Section 213(1). For more details, let's explore this post till the end.



What are the Types of Vehicle Registration in Chhattisgarh?

There are mainly two processes of registration valid in Chhattisgarh. They are as follows: 

1. Temporary Vehicle Registration

It is mandatory after buying a vehicle from a dealer only in Chhattisgarh. Further, this type of registration is valid for a limited period, typically around 7 or 30 days.

Moreover, to get temporary registration through the dealer, you must submit the required documents and pay the relevant fees. After obtaining temporary registration, you must get permanent registration at the nearest RTO office within the given time frame.

2. Permanent Vehicle Registration

All vehicles in Chhattisgarh must have permanent registration from the RTO. Additionally, to get a permanent registration number, individuals need to submit an application form duly filled and with all the essential documents to the Chhattisgarh RTO. Once they verify and approve all the documents, the Regional Transport Office will issue a permanent registration number for the vehicle.

Moreover, with this registration number, the individual can drive their vehicle on the roads. 

Types of Registration Charges Taken by the Chhattisgarh RTO

When a new vehicle is bought, various types of charges are taken with the road tax. Let's explore it in the form of the table: 



Registration Charges

Rs. 600 – For all cars

Hypothecation Charges

Rs. 1,500 – If the car is purchased on a loan

Smart Card and Number Plate Fee

Rs. 1000

Temporary Registration Charges

Rs. 1,200 – 1,500 – Temporary Registration for up to 1 month

Road Tax Charges 

Road Tax Slabs are between 8% to 9% for registering a Car in Chhattisgarh.

FasTag Charges

Rs. 500 FasTag fees payable on the purchase of the vehicle

Road Tax in Chhattisgarh

1. For New Two-Wheelers

If your vehicle is new, Chhattisgarh RTO will charge 4% of the total vehicle's cost.

2. For Older Two-Wheelers

Motor Vehicle Weight

Age of the vehicle Not More Than 5 Years

More Than 5 But Not More Than 15 Years

If More Than 15 Years

Does not exceed 70 kg

Current Cost of the Vehicle

Rs. 8,000

Rs. 6,000

Exceeds 70 kg but less than 200 cc

Current Cost of the Vehicle

Rs. 15,000

Rs. 8,000

Exceeds 70 kg and more than 200 cc but less than 325 cc

Current Cost of the Vehicle

Rs. 20,000

Rs. 10,000

Exceeds 70 kg and more than 325 cc

Current Cost of the Vehicle

Rs. 30,000

Rs. 15,000

3. For Three-Wheelers (public service vehicles and auto-rickshaws?

No. of Seats

Age of the vehicle Not More Than 5 Years

Vehicle Age More Than 5 But Not More Than 15 Years

Age More Than 15 Years

Not more than 3 seats, excluding the driver

Current Cost of the Vehicle

Rs. 30,000

Rs. 15,000

More than 3 seats

Current Cost of the Vehicle

Rs. 60,000

Rs. 20,000

4. For Four-Wheelers (new vehicles)

Vehicle Cost

Road Tax

Cost below Rs. 5 Lakhs

5% of the four-wheeler’s cost

Cost above Rs. 5 Lakhs

6% of the four-wheeler’s cost

5. Older Vehicles

Weight of the Vehicle

Not More Than 5 Years (Age)

Vehicle age More Than 5 But Not More Than 15 Years

Age More Than 15 Years

Does not exceed 800 kg

The current cost of the vehicle

Rs. 1,00,000

Rs. 50,000

Exceeds 800 kg but less than 2,000 kg

The current cost of the vehicle

Rs. 1,50,000

Rs. 1,00,000

More than 2,000 kg

The current cost of the vehicle

Rs. 6,00,000

Rs. 3,00,000

How to Pay Road Tax in Chhattisgarh Online?

Well, you can pay the road tax both offline and online. Additionally, to pay offline, individuals have to visit the nearby RTO of their district during office hours. 

Moreover, to pay online, follow the below steps: 

  1. Visit the official website

  2. Now click on the button ‘Vahan Services’ and select ‘Online Payment’.

  3. The website will direct individuals to another page.

  4. Access your account by entering all the essential details, like the application number and password.

  5. After that, select any of the payment options to pay the Road tax.

  6. Once the payment is complete, you have paid your road tax, which means you can drive your vehicle in the state.

Vehicle Ownership Transfer Process in Chhattisgarh

If the current owner of the vehicle wants or is planning to sell the vehicle to another person, they have to transfer the vehicle ownership to the name of the new buyer. Furthermore, to get this certificate, the current owner must submit the below documents to Chhattisgarh RTO. They are are follows: -

  • Submit form number 29 and 30

  • Vehicle insurance certificate

  • Original certificate of registration of the vehicle

  • Proof of age and address of the owner of the vehicle

  • Registration fee and road tax as per the law

List of Chhattisgarh RTOs





























Baloda Bazar


































Documents Required  for Vehicle Registration in Chhattisgarh

  • CMV Form number 20 (for new vehicles)

  • Sales certificate (Form 21)

  • Roadworthiness certificate from the manufacturer (Form 22)

  • Bike/Car Insurance certificate

  • Valid address proof of the vehicle owner

  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate

  • Temporary registration certificate (if applicable)

  • NOC from the previous RTO (if the vehicle is coming from another state)

  • Original invoice for the vehicle

  • Proof of paid road tax

  • Chassis and engine imprint (for non-transport vehicles)

  • Permit in case of commercial vehicles

  • Signed form number 34 by the financier and the owner of the vehicle.

Functions of Chhattisgarh RTO

  1. Registration of motor vehicles: It is registering new vehicles and transferring ownership of existing vehicles to another buyer. The RTO also issues registration certificates and number plates.

  2. Issuance of driving licenses: It is also responsible for issuing licenses to eligible candidates, organizing driving tests, and enforcing road safety regulations.

  3. Collection of road taxes: RTO also collects taxes from the vehicle owner and uses that money for the development and maintenance of roads. 

  4. Issuance of permits: The RTO issues numerous types of permits for commercial vehicles.

  5. Conducting vehicle fitness tests: Commercial vehicles must undergo regular fitness tests conducted by the RTO to ensure their roadworthiness and safety.

No Objection Certificate Process in Chhattisgarh

In order to register your vehicle in the state of Chattisgarh, you will need to obtain a No-Objection Certificate from the concerned Regional Transport Office. The details of the RTO office can be found using the RTO codes for varied locations. 

1. Application Process

To apply for the NOC, you must fill out Form 28 and submit it along with the necessary documents to the RTO office. The form can be obtained online or from the concerned RTO. Also ensure you are eligible to apply for the NOC before submitting the application.

2. Submission and Processing

Once you have filled out the form, submit it along with the applicable fee at the counter of the concerned RTO office. The officials will then begin processing your application.

3. Issuance of NOC

After verifying all the details and authenticity of your application, the concerned RTO office will issue the NOC to you. This certificate is an important document needed for vehicle registration in Gujarat, so make sure to keep it safe.  

So, it is essential to complete all the necessary procedures and submit all required documents accurately. Once issued, you can use this NOC for registering your vehicle in Gujarat without any hassle. Therefore, if you plan to register your vehicle in Gujarat, obtain the NOC beforehand. This will save you from facing any delays or complications during the registration process.

What are the Documents Needed for NOC in Chhattisgarh?

They are as follows: -

  • Fill out form number 28 and submit it to the concerned RTO

  • Need original certificate of registration

  • Police verification certificate

  • Pollution Under Control Certificate of the Vehicle

  • Require any proof that shows the address, like the Aadhar card, utility bill, etc, of the applicant.

  • ID proof of the vehicle

The Bottom Line

The Chhattisgarh RTO is wholly responsible for regulating and maintaining a smooth transportation system. Moreover, it delivers a wide range of services that make it easier for vehicle owners to explore the roads anytime. 

By understanding these services and their associated fees, individuals can ensure safe and compliant travel within the state. Whether you own a new vehicle or are relocating to Chhattisgarh, the RTO will guide you to be safe on the roads.  

Frequently Asked Questions on Chhattisgarh Regional Transport Office



What is the validity period of RC in Chhattisgarh?

A permanent registration certificate is valid for 15 years after which it must be renewed by visiting the RTO office.

What documents are needed for vehicle registration in Chhattisgarh?

Typically, you would need the application form, proof of address, proof of identity, vehicle invoice, valid insurance certificate, pollution under control (PUC) certificate, and a roadworthiness certificate.

What are the results for not paying road tax in Chhattisgarh?

If you don't pay road tax your vehicle will be seized.

How to pay road tax in Chhattisgarh?

Individuals can visit the concerned RTO office or pay tax online by visiting the official website.

What is the validity of a Learner's License in Raipur?

It is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.


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