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Mizoram Regional Transport Office - Mizoram RTO List, Services & Registration Charges

TeamAckoDec 6, 2023

Whether you are buying a new vehicle and driving licenses or renewing your vehicle's services, Mizoram Regional Transport Office gives all these services to the public. Mizoram RTO makes sure of your safety on the roads and checks the rules and regulations of people.




Overview of Mizoram RTO

Mizoram Regional Transport Office offers various motor vehicle services across the Mizoram states. You can also get all the benefits on the online platform "Vahan Mizoram." Here are some roles and responsibilities of Mizoram RTO: 

●  A person can get the vehicle permits and the procedure for vehicle ownership transfer.

●  You can change your address for your existing vehicles.

●  If you are a resident of Mizoram, then they will grant LL and permanent DL.

●  They can issue registration certificates for your vehicles.

●  They can give NOCs(No Objection Certificates).

The Key Objectives of the Mizoram RTO include

Some of the key objectives of the Mizoram RTO include: 

●  They issue driving licenses to the state people.

●  They register new vehicles and give permits to cars.

●  Mizoram Regional Transport Office promotes road safety and provides relief to the victims of road accidents.

●  They also control pollution related to vehicles across the state.

List of RTO offices in Mizoram

There are a total of 9 operational RTO offices in Mizoram. You can search your nearby RTO locations by entering your district names or their RTO codes. Here is a list of those offices' locations and codes:

RTO Office Locations

RTO Codes




MZ 03


MZ 08



Aizawl Rural

MZ 09


MZ 02


MZ 06


MZ 07


MZ 05

Key Services Offered by Mizoram RTO 

Mizoram Regional Transport Office offers various services across the state:

Vehicle Registrations and Related Services:

●  Registration Certificates for new vehicles

●  Renewal certificates

●  Vehicle ownership transfer

●  Authorizations of your number plates

●  Registration of duplicate certificates

●  Add the class of your car to an application

Driving Licenses:

●  Applying for a learner license

●  Applying for driving license

●  You can apply for renewal of your DL

●  Applying for a duplicate Driving license

●  Applying for an address change of your existing vehicle

●  You can apply for an International DP(Driving Permit)

Commercial Vehicle Permits:

●  All India entry permit

●  NOCs for all India permit

●  Provides special permit

●  All India permits for goods supply

Other Services:

●  Provides driving school license

●  Provides VC certificates (Vehicle Clearance)

●  They provide fitness certificates

●  Provides driving school license cancellation

Vehicle Registration Process in Mizoram

If you are buying new vehicles, then follow these steps to register your vehicles at your nearby Mizoram Regional Transport Office:

1. Fill out the form no-20:

You can download form no-20 from the RTO office of Mizoram website. You can also go to your nearby RTO office to collect the paper. Then, the owner of the new vehicle should fill out the form with the required documents: 

●  Owner's full name and address

●  Owner's age and phone number

●  Vehicles details

●  Engine number and chassis number

●  Seating capacity, etc.

●  Owner's signature

2. Submit the form with required documents:

Submit the form along with the required documents after filing out the registration form: 

●  Form Number - 20

●  Owner's Adhaar Card and PAN card

●  PUC certificates (Pollution Under Control)

●  Proof of address

●  3 copies of the owner's passport-size photos

●  Insurance certificates and Tax clearance certificates

3. Pay the required fees along with the form and documents:

You have to pay a fee for the application process that includes:

●  Application process fees

●  Tax fees for your vehicles

4. Take your vehicle for physical Inspection:

You have to take your vehicle to the Mizoram Regional Transport Office. Then, they inspect your vehicle's body, engine, safety components, etc. If they detect any issues, they may reject your application for vehicle registration.

5. Collect your registration certificate at the RTO office:

If the RTO officer verifies that there are no issues, then you will get a registration certificate within a week. You can collect your license card from the office.

Driving License Application Process in Mizoram

If you are applying for a driving license, then you have to follow some steps. Here are some steps below to learn more about the application process:

For New Driving License:

●  Visit your nearby RTO office for form number 4, or you can download it from the official website.

●  Then, fill out the forms and take the required documents.

●  You have to pay the required application procedure fees.

●  You have to pass the test after submitting the form.

●  You will get a learner's license after passing the test.

For License Renewal:

●  If your driving license is about to expire, then go to the RTO office to collect renewal forms.

●  Fill out the renewal form with the required forms

●  You have to pay renewal fees with your forms

●  You have to give them your valid proof of your existing driving license

●  Then, after all this, you will get your new driving license within a week. 

For Duplicate License:

●  If you lost your driving license, then file FIR first.

●  You can download your duplicate license form and fill it out with the required documents.

●  You have to pay the fees, and then you will get your license within a week.

RTO Fees and Taxes in Mizoram

Before you submit a driving or vehicle license in Mizoram, make sure to know the fee structures and taxes.

Registration Charges:

●  New Registration of motorcycle - Rs 300

●  For renewal of motorcycle - Rs 1000

●  For 3 Wheeler - Rs 600

Driving License Fees:

●  Driving Test - Rs 50

●  Renewal of DL - Rs 200

Road Taxes:

●  You have to pay a 12% tax rate for your motorcycles.

●  A person has to pay a 14% tax rate for lightweight vehicles.

●  You have to pay a 16% tax rate for your heavy-weight vehicles.

Other Charges:

●  Smart card - Rs 200

●  Appeal under Rule - 70: Rs 3000

How to Check Vehicle Registration Details Online in Mizoram?

You can visit the official website of Mizoram's transport department. 

●  You can move your mouse cursor to the online service.

●  Then, click on the motor vehicle option.

●  Then, write your registration number and check your registration status. 

You can also visit the Vahan Portal and enter your vehicle number to check your vehicle registration.

Transferring Vehicle Ownership in Mizoram

If you want to hand over your vehicle to another person, then you have to follow these steps:

●  You have to make contact with your RTO officer.

●  You can ask them if you are eligible for transferring vehicle ownership or not.

●  If you are eligible, then fill out the application forms and submit it with required documents.

●  You have to pay some fees for the application process.

●  Then, the RTO officer will inspect your vehicles.

●  Then, they will help you to transform your vehicle ownership to another person.

Obtaining a Duplicate Registration Certificate in Mizoram

If your original Registration Certificate is lost or stolen, then you can file an FIR at the police station first. Then, you have to go to the RTO office without wasting time because of fraud and misuse of your RC book. 

●  Take a copy of the FIR to the RTO office

●  Then, fill out the form with the required documents and a copy of the FIR.

●  You have to pay some amount according to your vehicle type.

●  If you have any evidence of your original RC, give them.

●  Then, they will inspect it and issue a new DL for you.


Mizoram Regional Transport Office makes sure of people's safety and road safety. They will help you with new vehicle Registration to all India permits for travel. They will also help you with a learner's license to renew your driving license. 

If you need any help with road safety or regulations, they will help you.

Frequently Asked Questions on Mizoram Regional Transport Office



1. Which types of cars don't have to pay the Road Tax of Mizoram?


  • Electric Vehicles and CNG vehicles

  • Diplomat Corps's vehicle

  • The vehicles - engine capacity = not more than 50 CC 

2. What is the validity of a Mizoram Driving License?

Ans: If you have a private vehicle, then the validity of your Mizoram driving license is 20 years from the date of issue. After you cross 40 years, you have to issue a driving license for 10 years. 

3. Is there any fee you have to pay to check your driving license status?

Ans: No, there is no fee you have to pay to check your driving license status on the website.

4. When should you pay the road tax?

Ans: You have to pay the road tax within 15 days from the date of purchase in Mizoram. Then, you don't have to pay the 10% of the payment fee.

5. Can I have permission to drive another state vehicle in Mizoram?

Ans: Yes, you have permission to drive another state vehicle in Mizoram, but you have to pay RTO charges for the car and road tax. You also have to carry valid vehicle registration documents with you.


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