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Japan Transit Visa for Indians

TeamAckoFeb 2, 2024

Are you an Indian tourist who intends to make connections in Japan to go to your ultimate destination? Then, your pass for a quick visit to this intriguing nation is an Indian transit visa for Japan. You may visit Japan for a brief stay and get a taste of its distinct culture and modernity with the help of this visa.

To figure out every other aspect to be known about the Japan Transit visa for Indians, it is essential to know about the aspects of eligibility, documentation, and, finally, the application procedure.

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What is a Japan Transit Visa for Indians?

You can enter Japan for a brief stay as part of your journey to another country by using a Japan transit visa. In the quest to travel outside of Japan, it is essential to have this visa in order to board flights from the region of Japan. 

But you would not require this if you opted to remain on airport property in Japan. It is important to remember that an Indian transit visa to Japan is only valid for leisure travel or relaxation, not for business travel or visiting relatives.

Do Indians Require Japan Transit Visas?

Absolutely. If an Indian national intends to make a brief visit to Japan, they must apply for a transit visa. In the event that your flight from Japan to your final destination is on a different day, you will need the Japan transit visa in order to spend time resting in a hotel or lounge. 

Validity of Japan Transit Visa for Indians

The validity of a Japan transit visa for Indians is up to 15 days. This visa is valid for resting, tourism and sightseeing purposes.

Fees of Japan Transit Visa for Indians

Indian citizens must pay about Rs. 50 for a Japan transit visa fee. You would not be able to enjoy your stopover in Japan and obtain a valid transit visa if you didn't pay this cost.

Eligibility of Japan Transit Visa for Indians

Before applying for the transit visa, you must check the eligibility criteria carefully. The following are the Japan transit visa requirements for Indian citizens.

  • You must be an Indian citizen with a valid passport for six months. 

  • You must have the necessary travel documents for your final travel destination.

  • You must have enough funds to cover your stay in Japan.

Documents Required for Transit Visa for Indians

Here are the documents that you must carefully provide to the visa authorities to fulfil the Japan transit visa requirements.

  • A filled-out and signed visa application form.

  • A valid passport with more than two blank pages. 

  • A copy of your visa to the main destination. 

  • Confirmation slip, certificate or other relevant documents showing the reservation of your boarding ticket. 

  • Letter of the reason for the invitation.

  • Confirmed air tickets mentioning your entry and departure dates to and from Japan.

  • Bank statement.

  • A certificate of deposit balance.

  • Latest certificate of income or tax payment issued by a public agency

  • Proof of hotel bookings and a day-wise schedule itinerary.

  • One recent photograph taken within the last 6 months.

Photo Requirements for Japan Transit Visa

The following highlights the photo specifications you must meet while applying for a Japan transit visa.

  • Provide a photo that is no older than six months.

  • Your photo should be 2 x 2 inches.

  • You must provide a colour photograph with a simple white background.

  • Make sure you keep neutral expressions.

  • Take the picture facing forward, ensuring your face is clearly visible.

  • Glasses are not allowed.

  • Headgears are not permitted except for religious purposes.

How to Apply for a Japan Transit Visa for Indians?

You cannot obtain a Japan transit visa online. It is only available offline for Indians. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get your transit visa easily.

  1. Go to the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

  2. Choose "Visa" from the options provided on the redirected page under the "Consular Services" section.

  3. Next, choose the "Other Nationalities" option located under the "Visa Application Procedure" section.

  4. Locate the "Visa Application Documents (download)" section after scrolling down the website.

  5. Select "English (PDF)" from the list of options under "Visa Application Form" in this section. Clicking on the application form will cause it to download.

  6. Complete the application by entering correct information and attaching the essential files. 

  7. The next step is to make an appointment with VFS so that your visa application may be submitted. 

Note: The Embassy does not accept transit visa applications for general citizens. It has to be done through VFS.

  1. On the selected appointment day, go to the VFS centre's official website. Send in your completed Japan transit visa application form and any required supporting documentation.

  2. The next step is to wait for the processing of your visa.

  3. Go to the application centre and pick up your passport. You can use your visa to enter Japan on your route to another location if your application has been accepted. 

Processing Time for Japan Transit Visa for Indians

After the VFS centre accepts your application, it typically takes four working days to complete the Japan transit visa for Indians. It is crucial to remember that it could take longer than anticipated if the centre receives a large number of applications. 

Japan Shore Pass for Indians

Now that you know you need to have a transit visa if you have a layover in Japan during your travel, it is important that you also have an idea about Shore Pass. If you do not have any connecting flights on the day you arrive in Japan but the flight is due in 72 hours, then you can also apply for a Japan Shore Visa.

This is a type of transit visa on arrival that travellers coming to Japan can get if they have a layover of a maximum of 72 hours. The airline will process your Shore Pass application after you arrive. For instance, you have an overnight stopover at Haneda and want to visit the city or stay in a hotel.  You will now be sent to a booth next to the immigration station and issued a Shore Pass if you hold an Indian passport. 

You do not have to prepare in advance for this service, but it is still crucial that you understand the requirements for eligibility. To be eligible for a Japan Shore Pass, you must be:

  • You must have all the significant travel documents for the final destination or country.

  • You must arrive and leave from the same airport or seaport.

  • You must have sufficient money to stay in the country until you catch the connecting flight to your final place.

Why Does a Japan Transit Visa for Indians Get Rejected?

The following are some main reasons why your Japan transit visa for Indians can get rejected:

Incomplete Travel Details

You should submit your entire travel plan when travelling to another country via flights from Japan. It must include a detailed itinerary and supporting documents for flights and hotel bookings. Providing incomplete travel information can lead to rejecting a Japan transit visa for Indians.

Incomplete Visa Application Form

If you do not submit the form in its entirety, your request for a transit visa can be rejected. Therefore, before submitting, ensure all needed fields have been filled out properly, and double-check your work for errors.

Rules Violation 

Violating the rules set by the Japan visa office and the Ministry of External Affairs can lead to your application being rejected. So, you must adhere to their rules and regulations and provide all the necessary documents to avoid rejection.

Passport Issues

Issues related to your passport, such as expiration within six months or insufficient blank pages, can result in your visa being rejected.

Unsuccessful Visa Interview

A poorly conducted visa interview with answers that the visa officials might find unconvincing or inconsistencies may lead to your visa rejection.

Inadequate Funds

Lack of financial proof may lead to the rejection of your transit visa due to concerns about your ability to cover travel expenses.

Criminal Record 

A criminal record poses a significant risk of rejection, emphasising the importance of maintaining a clean record.

Health Related Concerns

Health-related factors, such as infectious diseases or missing required vaccinations, can result in the rejection of your  Japan transit visa for Indians to protect their citizen’s health.

What to Do if My Japan Transit Visa for Indians Gets Rejected?

Here are some crucial tips that you should keep in mind to avoid rejection of your Japan transit visa for Indians:

Tip 1: Check all the requirements of your transit visa. Furthermore, make sure your documents are clear and filled with the correct details. 

Tip 2: Keep bank statements that prove your stable finances. If someone sponsors you, share their financial papers and a letter saying they will cover your costs.

Tip 3: Address any past overstays in Japan. Clearly explain what happened and follow the rules properly.

Tip 4: Explain your purpose for visiting the other country well in the cover letter. Make sure all documents match your reason.

Tip 5: Always check your passport’s validity. Renew the passport’s validity if needed.

Final Word

Thus,  Japan is a perfect place to discover ancient cultures and modern technologies. So, you must apply for a Japan transit visa to make your journey through this captivating destination memorable.

Additionally, you should purchase travel insurance before organising your vacation. Much of your hard-earned money can be saved with this insurance. It can assist you in covering any damages that may occur from unanticipated events or medical crises while visiting Japan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions about Japan transit visa for Indians include:


How long is a Japan transit visa for Indians valid?

The Japan transit visa for Indians is valid for 15 days. Remember, you can use this visa to transit through Japan only once.

Is there any age restriction for transit visas in Japan?

No, there are no age restrictions for Japan transit visas for Indians. However, children might have to provide additional documents while applying for transit visas in Japan.

Do I need to show proof of a connecting flight from Japan?

Yes, you need to show proof of a connecting flight from Japan. 

Can I use a transit visa for a short vacation in Japan?

No, transit visas are not meant for sightseeing or vacations. You must use the right visa for your holiday.

Can Indian students apply for a Japan transit visa?

Yes, Indian students can apply for a Japan transit visa, but they must follow the rules and regulations set by the Japan visa officials. 

How long does it take to process a Japan transit visa?

The processing time for a Japan transit visa for Indians is 4 working days. However, to avoid any delays, you must apply for this visa beforehand.

Can I use my Japan transit visa to visit my family?

No, you cannot use your Japan transit visa to visit your family. It permits you to stay within the airport premises and book a room for resting, not for visiting friends and family members.


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