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Best Time to Visit Qatar: Weather, Seasons, Events and More

TeamAckoFeb 21, 2024

When you plan to explore the Middle East, one place that surely comes to mind is Qatar. Qatar is one of the wealthiest and safest countries in the world. Although it is a Middle Eastern country, it is packed with modern amenities, and you will find the world's best quality food from all over the world here. 

If you want to travel to this amazing country in West Asia, read on to know more about the best time and season to visit Qatar and what to expect from each season.

Best time to visit Qatar



When is the Best Time to Visit Qatar?

The best time to visit Qatar is in November. If you want to take a closer look at the culture of this Middle East country while exploring all the natural as well as artificial beauty of Qatar, this is the time. But it would be best to remember that this is when most tourists come to Qatar. The crowd will be larger than at other times. If you want to enjoy a mild winter, October to November can be the best time, as December to February is winter in Qatar and the temperature might drop to extremes on some days.

When you think of any country in the Middle East, you probably think of scorching weather, which is not conducive to travelling. But the exciting thing is that it does not happen in Qatar. The temperature here in July is 41°C. It is the hottest month in Qatar. Apart from that, the temperature is around 30°C most of the time. In January, temperatures range between 12°C and 21°C. Also, you may see rain in February. You can enjoy the summer holidays in Qatar with great weather to please your mind.

Best Season to Visit Qatar

The best time to visit a country solely depends on your suitability to visit the place. However, for your convenience, we will discuss the best time to visit Qatar in the following breakdown.

Peak Season in Qatar

November to March are considered to be the peak season to visit Qatar. During this time, the heat is less, making it suitable for travel. The temperature remains in a tolerable range of 24 °C to 32 °C. You can also spend some time by the poolside of your hotel in these months, as the temperature is mild and you can relax without worrying about getting cold.

These few months are ideal for visiting Doha, but keep in mind that many tourists come here during this time due to the bearable temperature, as it is neither too cold nor hot. So, the price of everything is high. Although Qatar is very busy with tourists during this time, you will find plenty of accommodation options, making this time the best time to visit Qatar. 

Pros of Going to Qatar During the Peak Season: 

  • Since it is the best time to visit Qatar, you can explore the country and witness some mesmerising landscapes. 

  • You get to enjoy some of the key events in the country, such as AFC Asian Cup 2023, Expo 2023 Doha and many more.

Cons of Going to Qatar During the Peak Season: 

  • In this season, a lot of tourists from all over the world visit Qatar, making the country overcrowded.

  • Since it is the peak season, everything becomes costly, including accommodation costs and food bills.

Shoulder Season in Qatar 

The shoulder season in Qatar comes with fewer crowds to explore the place and during the months of April to May and September to October. It is not very hot in Qatar during this time, either. 

In these spring months, the temperature remains between 26°C and 32°C, which is comfortable for sightseeing. In a similar way, the monsoon months (September to October) call for comfortable temperatures to explore, but stubborn rainfall may splash water on your plans.

Keep in mind that these months are also the months when sandstorms are most common. It can trigger breathing issues and limited visibility, making outdoor plans challenging. Nevertheless, at this time, you will get a hotel at a meagre price. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can consider visiting during these months, but it is generally not feasible due to sandstorms.

Pros of Going to Qatar During the Shoulder Season: 

  • Since fewer tourists are seen to be enjoying a holiday during this season, you can save money on accommodations and other activities.

  • During off-season a lot of tourist attractions remain closed due to the non-availability of visitors but in the shoulder season, you do not have to worry about the closure of attractions, even if the number of tourists is less.

Cons of Going to Qatar During the Shoulder Season: 

  • During this season, you may face rain while travelling outdoors. 

  • In addition, you may also encounter sandstorms.

Low or Off-season in Qatar 

June to August is not an apt time to visit Qatar. During this time, the temperature in Qatar remains between 35°C to 40°C. The day is not at all safe to go for an outing in these months, as you will face extreme heat with chances of getting heat strokes. So it is always advisable to avoid visiting Qatar during the summer season, as the weather will remain extremely hot for you to carry out any activity.

Pros of Going to Qatar During the Low or Off-season Season: 

  • The prices of hotels and other accommodation options are low, making it a budget-friendly time to visit Qatar. 

  • Due to the off-season, fewer tourists visit the country, thus helping you enjoy the surroundings without any crowd.

Cons of Going to Qatar During the Low or Off-season Season: 

  • During this summer season in Qatar, you will witness scorching heat and humidity. 

  • In addition, you may face Shamal winds, making it difficult to explore the country.

Best Month to Visit Qatar

Planning your trip to Qatar solely depends on what time you want to visit. We can only help you get an idea of the best season to visit Qatar and the temperatures you might face during such times so that you can prepare your travel bag accordingly. 

Check this table below to get a clear idea of the season, months and temperature to plan your Qatar vacation conveniently.


Travel Months

Min Temperature

Max Temperature


June to August 

29 °C


Monsoon/ Autumn

September to October




November to February 




March to May



June to August (Summar in Qatar)

June to August are the summer months in Qatar. The average temperature at this time is 29°C to 41°C. Spending time outdoors is not a good idea during this period in Qatar. Temperature can quickly become intolerable, especially in July and August when the humidity climbs and winds ease. 

Important Events in Qatar this Summer:

  • Qatar Airlines Summer Festival (1st to 31st July), Doha

  • Project Qatar (29th May to 2nd June), Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre

  • Aspire Summer Camp 2023 (1st to 10th August), Qatar

  • Souq Waqif 8th Local Dates Festival (1st to 5th August), Peninsula Doha, Qatar

Why Should You Visit this Month?

It is the best time to visit Qatar as you can enjoy cheap hotel rates. If you want to enjoy the beaches of this place, only then consider this the best time to visit Qatar. You can also enjoy scuba diving and exploring Qatar’s marine life in summer. Qatar is famous for its exceptional shopping experiences. You can personalise your summer adventure in the malls of Qatar. 

Things to Remember:

You may face Shamal winds in the summer of Qatar, which create dust storms and blustery sand. So, be aware of that, as it may cause breathing problems and we do not recommend anyone take a trip down to Qatar during this time. Nonetheless, if you still prefer visiting Qatar in these months, remember to carry an umbrella, your sunscreen and all necessary medicines to be prepared for upcoming problems. 

September to October (Monsoon/ Autumn in Qatar) 

Refreshing cool breezes off the Persian Gulf in autumn can make travel to Qatar a pleasant experience. This is the ideal time for sightseeing. You can walk in the city streets and have outdoor adventures during this time. 

Important Events in Qatar this Autumn:

  • ‘Masterpieces of Furniture Design’ Exhibition (September to December), M7, Msheireb Downtown Doha

  • Geekend 2023 (15th to 16th September), Geekdom Building, Lusail Boulevard

  • Qatar Olympic Committee Padel Championship (16th to 22nd October), Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex

  • 2023 CBQ Masters Golf Championship (October to 29th October), Doha Golf Club

  • Expo 2023 Doha (2nd October to 28th March), Al Bidda Park

Why Should You Visit this Month?

September to October are the least busy times to visit Qatar. Autumn is a time for warm weather, cultural holidays, and festivals in Qatar with smaller crowds. You can enjoy Doha’s terrace restaurants and bars at this time. Autumn gives the country fresh energy, which makes it one of the best seasons to travel to Qatar. If you want to explore the stunning desert and coastal landscapes, this is the best time to visit Qatar, as this is the low season and ideal for travellers.

Things to Remember:

Before travelling, be sure to keep in mind that the temperature can fluctuate, so keep all the necessary items with you. You may have to deal with a vast crowd, and it can sometimes be frustrating. However, you are getting to experience the best this country offers at this time of the year. Different festivals, cultural events and street markets are in full swing during the autumn, giving you the best experience of Qatar, but remember to take precautions for hot weather too. 

November to February (Winter in Qatar) 

The winter is undoubtedly the best time to visit Qatar. During this time, the temperature remains bearable and nominal, but some days can have extreme winter temperatures. The temperature is usually between 19°C to 23°C, but it drastically falls below 10˚ C, making the weather chilly. While all other seasons are uncomfortable due to high temperatures and humidity, you will not face this problem in winter. Winter reinvigorates the country with life and activities and allows tourists to explore. Doha and Lusail are the best places to visit in Qatar during winter.

Important Events in Qatar this Winter:

  • MotoGP Qatar Airways Grand Prix 2023 (17th to 19th November), Lusail

  • National Day of Qatar (18 December), Doha

  • The National Sports Day (February 14), Qatar

  • AFC Asian Cup 2023 (12 January to February 10), Qatar

  • Expo 2023 Doha (2nd October to 28th March), Al Bidda Park

Why Should You Visit this Month?

The National Day of Qatar is on December 18, which makes it a must visit time in Qatar. To enjoy the local culture, delicacies and people of Qatar, this is the best time. Due to milder temperatures, the effect of heat on you is also less, helping you to explore all places comfortably. 

Additionally, the National Sports Day of Qatar is on the second Tuesday of each February. You can enjoy participation-based activities during this time. Winter is the best time to visit Qatar with friends and family. 

Things to Remember:

Winter camping is a big attraction in Qatar in these months. So, if you plan to camp in the desert in the winter, pack necessary items like warm clothes, blankets, water, and medicine. Remember that winters are tolerable during the day but very cold at night. So, keep everything essential with you.

March to May (Spring in Qatar) 

The warm weather begins in Qatar in March, according to the calendar. However, temperatures remain between 27°C to 39°C when spring arrives in Qatar. If you want to visit without facing the crowd of tourists, this will be the best time to go.

Important Events in Qatar this Spring:

  • Expo 2023 Doha (2nd October to 28th March), Al Bidda Park

  • Darb Lusail Parade (9th to 11th March), Lusail Boulevard

  • Legends League Cricket Masters in Doha (10th to 20th March), Asian Town International Cricket Stadium

  • Qatar International Food Festival (March 11th–21st), Lusail Boulevard

  • Eruption Exhibition (May to Mid-June), Anima Gallery, Sikkat Alwadi, Msheireb Downtown Doha

Why Should You Visit this Month?

As temperatures heat up during spring, you can take off your jacket and enjoy the warmth of Qatar at this time. You can go kite surfing off Fuwariat Beach. If you are a nature lover, you will enjoy the mangroves at Al Khor Island. Spring is a great time to try kayaking. You can also hire a jet ski.

Things to Remember:

Remember that Ramadan has shifted to spring. Qatar has a very religious anarchy during the month of Ramadan. So, please do not do anything that hurts their religious sentiments. The country can seem eerily silent during the day during Ramadan. Nevertheless, if you want to avoid the tourist crowds, this is a good time.

Final Takeaway

It depends on you which weather is the best time to visit Qatar. In addition, your Qatar travel time depends on what you want to explore in Qatar.

One of the most essential tips for travelling in Qatar is to get international travel insurance. It will help you in emergencies, such as loss of passport or travel funds, rescheduling, cancellation of flights, etc. Furthermore, it will also assist you in your medical emergencies during the trip. 

So why delay? Visit Qatar and enjoy its beauty.

Explore More About Best Time to Visit

To improve your planning for a Qatar trip, here are a few more points to look out for regarding the best time to visit Qatar.

When is the most expensive time to visit Qatar?

The peak season in Qatar calls for the most expensive time to visit the country. During the months of December to February, there is a surge of tourists from all over the world. This increases the expenses related to accommodations, flight fares, overall package tours and also travel aspects. So if you are on budget for your Qatar trip, we advise you to choose some other months to get the best of the country.

When to visit Qatar for good weather?

To enjoy good and comfortable weather on your vacation in Qatar, visit the place during the months of December to March. The temperature during this period is 21.1 °C to 26.8 °C, which is nominal and comfortable enough to help you explore the place seamlessly. You can also indulge yourself in various outdoor activities if you visit Qatar during these months. So, make sure to plan as per your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to some frequently asked questions about the best time to visit Qatar.


What are the best places to visit Qatar during the winter?

Many historical towns and cities in Qatar still retain their ancient look. Doha is the best city to visit in the winter. You can also visit cities like Al Rayyan, Al Wakra, Umm Salal Mohammed, Khawr Al Udayd, Al Khor, etc. 

When will travelling to Qatar cost less?

You can travel at a slightly lower cost if you visit Qatar during the summer, spring, and autumn seasons. But remember that winter is the best time to visit Qatar.

What are the things to know before going to Qatar? 

Qatar is a Middle Eastern country. Here, you should maintain some rules, such as:

Do not forget to exchange your currency.

Mind the dress code. 

Carry an umbrella and water.

Drinking publicly is not allowed in Qatar.

Make your trip safe by opting for travel insurance. 

What is the coldest month in Qatar?

January is the coldest month in Qatar. The temperature is around 18°C during daytime and falls up to 10°C in the night time, making it a bearable and a great weather to explore Qatar.

When is the best time to explore Qatar?

The best time to explore Qatar is during the peak season, from November to March. You can enjoy lots of festivals and outdoor activities during this season. 

How many days is enough to explore Qatar?

Plan to spend at least 3 to 5 days if you want to explore the natural beauty of Qatar. It is a small country that does not take long to explore. 

Is Qatar safe to visit? 

Qatar is the safest country to visit. Since the crime rate is low in the country, you can roam and explore freely.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to change. Please consult an expert before making any related decisions.


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