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Best Time And Month to Visit The Seychelles: Complete Guide

Team AckoFeb 27, 2024

Picture crystal clear waters on pristine white beaches, framed by emerald green tropical trees and plants resplendent with jewel tone flowers. This is the Seychelles, the ideal postcard perfect island destination for you! The Seychelles is made up of 115 tropical islands in the Indian Ocean, which are one of the world's most beautiful and accessible island nations. Tourists from across the world flock to the Seychelles, to soak up the sun in this island nation of perpetual summer and natural beauty, with plenty of outdoor activities such as snorkelling, diving, and fishing. Some of the world's best and well-kept coral islands are right here in the Seychelles, which boasts a plethora of fascinating and breathtaking flora and fauna. You'll find verdant national parks, marine parks that protect life under the sea, and expansive nature reserves.


Planning to travel to the Seychelles on your honeymoon or a memorable holiday that you'll never forget? The Seychelles is the perfect tourist destination for every budget and wishlist! You'll find a wide variety of hotels, guest houses, and vacation rentals to choose from. With a dizzying selection of restaurants and cafes to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choice at every meal. And if you're up for some concrete jungle exploring, you can also visit historic museums, party at exciting clubs, and indulge in retail therapy in the Seychelles. 

Locals in the Seychelles speak the official language, which is English, but the majority of the population speak Creole, a French-based language. The Seychelles has a diverse population of people from African, Asian, and European descent. The country has a mixed economy that is supported by tourism, fishing, and agriculture.



Best Time to Visit Seychelles

Any time is a good time to visit the Seychelles, which boasts perpetually sunny weather and summer vibes all year round! The best time to visit Seychelles depends on your personal preferences and travel plans, though. 

Expect a tropical climate with high temperatures and humidity throughout the year in the Seychelles. The weather can vary depending on the location and season. For the most part, the hottest and most humid months are from November to April, and the cooler and drier months are from May to October. 

Best Season to Visit Seychelles

The Seychelles is breathtaking and warm year-round, making it a travellers favourite for tourists in colder countries to visit in the winter. Scuba dive in some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, bask in the sun on pristine beaches and explore the urban jungle if you start missing the city - which is a rarity on a perfect island holiday! Learn about the 3 popular travel "seasons" to find an ideal time for you to travel to the Seychelles in this section. 

Peak Season

December to March, July to August 

The peak tourist season is from December to March and July to August, when the weather is warm and sunny. Waters are calm in peak season, making it ideal for watersports and activities. However, this is also the busiest and most expensive time to visit the Seychelles! If you're looking for warm weather, beautiful beaches, and plenty of sunshine, the peak tourist season from December to March and July to August is the perfect time for you. Book flights and accommodation well in advance to ensure that you get the best rates on hotels, airfare, dining, and activities. Expect wait times and bookings to take longer, as this is the busiest season. 

Shoulder Season

May to June, September to October

Prefer cooler temperatures and fewer crowds? Then travel to the Seychelles during the shoulder season. This season isn't as busy as the peak season, and runs from May to June and again from September to October. The weather is still pleasant and there are fewer tourists, making it a good time to get good deals on accommodations and flights. Travel and accommodation are easier to get than in the peak season. If you like travelling off the beaten path, travel to the Seychelles in this period. 

Low or Off Season

November to December

The Seychelles is a tropical nation, and experiences tropical storms and cyclones, which adversely affect travel plans. Cyclone season is from November to December, which makes it the low or off season, as travellers prefer to travel when conditions are better. If you're planning to visit Seychelles during this time, it's a good idea to check the weather forecast and have a plan in case of adverse conditions. However, travelling during low or off season guarantees the lowest travel and accommodation rates, and you may have a better experience if you enjoy quiet leisurely activities. 

Best Month to Visit Seychelles   

Here is our monthly guide with handy tips to help you plan a trip to this gorgeous island nation! Generally, the most popular time to visit Seychelles is from mid-December to mid-January, when the weather is warm and sunny, and there are many cultural events and festivals taking place. The rest of the year is also pleasant, with plenty to experience, see, and do. Any month is a good month to travel to the Seychelles! 

Seychelles in January 

January is a great month to visit the Seychelles if you enjoy having fun at the beach, watersports, and outdoor activities. The Seychelles is home to a number of beautiful beaches, including Anse Lazio and Anse Source d'Argent, which are known for their white sands and crystal-clear waters. If you're interested in nature and wildlife, you'll find plenty of opportunities to explore the Seychelles' unique ecosystem during your visit. The islands are home to a number of rare and endangered species, including the Seychelles giant tortoise, the Seychelles warbler, and the Seychelles paradise flycatcher. 

  • Average Temperature 

    • 27°C (80°F)

  • Events 

    • Seychelles Sailing Cup on Praslin

  • Explore 

    • Beaches 

      • Anse Lazio

      • Anse Source d'Argent 

  • Reason to visit in January 

    • The water is warm and clear

    • Perfect for swimming, snorkelling, and diving

    • Plenty of events

  • Know before you go

    • Clothes to take should be flowy and light for the warm or hot weather, such as resort wear

    • Pack hats that provide complete protection against the sun, and a good sunblock

    • Flights and accommodation charges may be more expensive than usual, it is best to make all booking arrangements well in advance

Seychelles in February

February is the second month of the dry season in the Seychelles. The weather in the Seychelles in February is warm and sunny. This month is a great time to visit the Seychelles, especially if you enjoy the beach and outdoor activities. The water is warm and clear, making it ideal for swimming, snorkelling, and diving. 

  • Temperature 

    • 30°C (86°F) 

  • Events 

    • Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria 

  • Explore 

    • Botanical gardens

    • Rum distilleries 

    • City of Mahé

  • Reasons to visit in February 

    • Warm pleasant weather 

    • Lots of water sports and outdoor activities

  • What to know before you travel

    • Get loose and breezy clothes to match the weather and the aesthetic of the resorts

    • Take hats with a wide brim so you don't get sunburned

    • During peak season, other travellers will also rush to book travel tickets and hotels - book ahead of time

Seychelles in March

March is an ideal time to travel to the Seychelles for its pleasant weather that offers the perfect conditions for outdoor activities, events, and watersports. March temperatures average 31°C. Enjoy island-hopping, as the Seychelles provides accessible travel between islands. Explore nature with magnificent scuba and snorkelling sessions, or by hiking through verdant landscapes, and winding down by one of hundreds of beautiful beaches. 

  • Temperature & Rainfall 

    • 31°C (87°F)

  • Events 

    • Semaine de la Francophonie, French Week in March 

  • Explore 

    • Silhouette Island

    • Morne Seychellois National Park

    • Walkable capital, Victoria

    • Beautiful Roman Catholic churches

  • What to know before you travel

    • Pack light clothing that will help you stay cool in the warm sun

    • Carry large straw hats to protect yourself from the sun

    • Sunblock is a handy on the go travel essential during your summer vacation in the Seychelles 

    • Take your beach sandals and flip flops

Seychelles in April

 This is the perfect month to visit the Seychelles, the weather is just right. Indulge in water sports during the day and unwind on the beach in the evenings. Don’t miss out on the amazing aquatic life, you will not be able to find these rare sightings anywhere else. With 30° C being the average temperature, the place is quite pleasant. Activities like snorkelling and diving are best enjoyed before the monsoon season.

  • Temperature & Rainfall

    • 31°C (87°F)

  • Explore 

    • Only Hindu temple in the country

    • Victoria City 

  • Events 

    • National Fishing Competition

  • Why should you visit this month

    • Good weather

    • End of the dry season

    • Light showers

    • Good time for water-based activities

  • What to know before you travel 

    • Pack clothes that are not too tight. Flowy garments are your best bet.

    • Carry sunscreen lotion and a nice cap to protect yourself from the sun

    • Good chance of light downpour, so be sure to pack an umbrella and rainboots 

    • Pack your beach slippers and pool sliders

Seychelles in May

Like most other tropical island nations, the Seychelles has a dry summer season, and a wet monsoon season. When May rolls around, you know that the monsoon season has started. Downpours that may last hours during a stretch are expected, so plan your day around the weather forecasts which are mostly accurate. Rain and strong winds aren't ideal for enjoying water sports or beach activities.Indulge in spa and massage sessions when it rains outside. Outside of your hotel or accommodation, you can take refuge in cosy museums, cafes, restaurants, and stores while it rains. 

  • Temperature & Rainfall

    • 20°C (68°F) 

    • 63mm rainfall

  • Explore 

    • Constance Ephelia

      • Zip-lining 

      • Rock climbing

      • Largest natural spa

  • Events 

    • Seychelles Arts Festival 

    • Festival of Underwater Images

    • National Day of Africa 

  • Why should you visit this month

    • Not the peak season 

    • Minimal crowd

    • Economic airfare and accommodation

    • Cooler weather

  • What to know before you travel

    • Carry rain essentials and light clothing

    • Get a good quality sunblock

Seychelles  in June

Right after the brief tropical cyclone season is the idyllic month of June. June is a great time to visit the Seychelles, since it falls in the shoulder season, when the weather is warm and enjoyable. Flights and accommodation rates are easy on the pocket this month, and you can enjoy a host of activities and events the Seychelles has to offer you! June in the Seychelles is a pleasant time for a holiday because of the pleasant weather.

  • Temperature 

    • 28°C (82°F)

  • Events 

    • Liberation Day, June 5th

    • Independence Day, June 29th

    • Festival of Classical Music 

  • Why should you visit this month

    • Shoulder season

    • Less crowds

    • Cheap hotel fares and flights

    • The weather in the Seychelles in June is pleasant and excellent for outdoor activities 

  • What to know before you travel

    • The weather will be warm and sunny

    • Carry weather appropriate clothing

Seychelles in July

July is the perfect time for you to enjoy Seychelles. July is pleasant, sunny, yet offers cooler weather. This is also the driest month of the year. Opt for outdoor activities during the cooler part of the day, and wind down with fine dining and cultural events in the evenings. The second wave of the peak season in the Seychelles is this month, so be sure to plan ahead when you book travel and accommodation! 

  • Temperature

    • 28°C (82°F)

  • Why should you visit this month

    • Peak season   

    • Best activities and events

    • Pleasant weather 

    • Driest month, less rain 

  • What to know before you travel

    • Good weather

    • It may rain 

    • Take warm weather clothing 

    • Carry along equipments for water sports

Seychelles in August

August is the perfect time to visit the Seychelles if you enjoy a fun holiday full of adventure, excitement and activities! The weather is dry and sunny, with occasional short showers. The sea is warm and inviting, making it perfect for watersports and swimming. This month is a favourite time to visit the Seychelles, because it is in the dry season. Pack sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. It's also a good idea to bring insect repellent to protect against mosquitoes, which can be present year-round in the Seychelles. 

  • Temperature & Rainfall

    • 26°C (78°F) 

  • Events 

    • Festival of the Assumption – August 15th

    • Beau Vallon Regatta 

  • Explore 

    • Morne Seychellois National Park, with hiking trails  

    • Scuba diving in the coral reefs

  • Why should you visit this month

    • The weather is great, pleasant and dry throughout the day

    • Peak season 

    • Ideal water conditions to snorkel and swim

  • What to know before you travel

    • Take summer clothes 

    • Carry a hat and a tube of sunscreen

    • Add an umbrella and a raincoat to your luggage

    • Pack mosquito repellent in summer

Seychelles in September

September marks the start of the dry season on the islands. The weather this month is warm and sunny, with low humidity. Like July, the waters are calm, which is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, and other water activities. This month is perfect to soak up the sun on the Seychelles beautiful beaches. Beat the crowds in this shoulder season month with less crowds than peak tourist season. September is a great time to visit the Seychelles for its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and exciting cultural and historical attractions.

  • Temperature & Rainfall 

    • 26°C (78°F) 

    • 211mm rain  

  • Explore 

    • Vallee de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage site

    •  Coco de Mer palm tree

    • National History Museum

  • Events 

    • Praslin Culinary & Arts Fiesta – September

  • Why you should travel this month

    • Warm weather 

    • Calm waters 

    • Shoulder season without the tourist crowds in peak season

    • Economic airfare 

    • Good rooms will be available at affordable prices

  • What to know before you travel

    • Dry warm month, pack light loose clothing 

    • Carry mosquito repellents 

    • Take hiking boots and shorts if you're exploring and hiking

    • Stay away from the midday sun and plan activities earlier or later in the day

Seychelles in October

October is a pleasant time to visit the Seychelles. The weather is warm and dry, as the rainy season has just ended in October. Enjoy cooler weather, clear skies, and sunshine. The waters are warm and inviting for a dip in the seas that lap up at pristine Seychelles beaches. October is a great month to go snorkelling, diving, and fishing. If you prefer quieter activities, relax on the beach and soak up the sun. Enjoy hiking through the island's lush forests. The food in Seychelles is also a highlight, with a blend of African, Asian, and European influences. Be sure to try some of the local specialties such as grilled fish, octopus curry, and coconut curry! 

  • Temperature 

    • 26°C (78°F) 

  • Events 

    • Festival Kreol – October 

  • Why should you visit this month

    • Very few tourists

    • Best rates on flights and hotels 

    • Delicious foods to try 

    • Hiking and exploring Seychelles nature

  • What to know before you travel

    • Pack clothes for hiking and exploring the beauty of the Seychelles 

    • Mosquito repellent is a good idea 

    • Secure your travel insurance 

Seychelles in November 

Visit the Seychelles in November, which falls during the dry season. The temperature in November is warm and pleasant. Enjoy swimming and snorkelling, as the water is warm and clear. With the temperate climate, enjoy hiking, biking, and exploring the islands' beautiful beaches and national parks. You can see exotic flora and fauna in their natural habitats across the Seychelles. Venture out for scuba diving in the coral reefs, or visit nearby islands! 

  • Temperature 

    • 30°C (82°F) 

  • Why should you visit this month

    • Dry month

    • Warm weather, ideal for biking, hiking, and more 

    • Observe flora and fauna in their natural habitat 

  • What to know before you travel

    • Bring lightweight, casual clothing

    • Take sunscreen - sun may be quite strong

    • Pack insect repellent to protect against mosquitoes and other pests

Seychelles in December

It’s the best month to visit nearby islands, enjoy watersports and outdoor activities. Enjoy the clear skies and take in the beauty of memorable sunrises and sunsets. Of course, it goes without saying that the holiday season is full of festivities and cheer in the air across the Seychelles, upping the magic!

  • Temperature  

    • 30°C (82°F) 

  • Events 

    • Seychelles Ocean Festival – December 

  • Why should you visit this month

    • Warm weather 

    • Festivities across the Seychelles

    • Ideal for watersports

    • Travellers most favourite month to travel 

  • What to know before you travel

    • It's peak season, book ahead 

    • Flights may be expensive and difficult to find 

    • Hotels may be at peak capacity, and certainly more expensive

Cheapest Time to Visit Seychelles   

The off or low season in the Seychelles, from May to November, is the cheapest time to visit the Seychelles. If you're looking to save money and travel on a budget, choose off season travel. The weather during the off season is still pleasant, with temperatures averaging 30°C. With higher humidity, there's a higher chance of rain, however. Flight and accommodation rates are the lowest during the off season. With not many tourists around, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy your vacation. Resorts are also cheaper in Seychelles resorts and hotels at this time! 

Expensive Time to Visit Seychelles   

The most expensive time to visit the Seychelles is during the peak season which is from December to March and again from July to August. Although this is the most expensive time to travel to the Seychelles, the weather is pleasant making it the perfect time to enjoy the natural beauty of Seychelles. Book well in advance especially if you want to enjoy a romantic honeymoon or special holiday in this spectacular island nation. 

More About Best Time to Go to Seychelles 

Best time to visit the Seychelles for honeymoon

The Seychelles feature in the top destinations for romantic honeymoon spots. With stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, and verdant landscape, the Seychelles makes for a magical and exotic island honeymoon. As long as you stay clear of the rainy season, which is from November to April, the Seychelles are perfect to honeymoon in the rest of the year.

For a budget honeymoon, consider travelling in the shoulder season with less crowds but just as much fun and good weather. You can enjoy sweet sunset beach walks and splurge at restaurants.

If you want to go all out, then the peak tourist season is perfect for your honeymoon. You need to book your accommodations and activities in advance because of limited availability and crowds, though.

Best season for diving and snorkelling in the Seychelles 

The best season for diving and snorkelling in the Seychelles is from May to September, during the dry season. The waters are generally calmer and clearer during this time, which makes for better visibility underwater. In addition, the air temperatures are also more pleasant during this period. The  Seychelles are a great destination for water diving and other activities such as snorkelling, as the waters around the islands are home to a wide variety of marine life and coral reefs that can be explored throughout the year. Do remember that the dry season however is commonly considered the best time, as the conditions are more favourable for these activities.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions related to best time to visit Seychelles


When is the rainy season in Seychelles?

The rainy season in the Seychelles is from November to April. The Seychelles experiences the heaviest rainfall in December and January.

Best time to visit Mahé, Seychelles? 

Mahé is usually warm and sunny, and the best time to visit is during the dry season, from May to October. This is also the peak tourist season, so you can expect higher prices for flights and accommodations.

How many days in Seychelles is enough?

To make the most of your magical Seychelles holiday, plan for a 3 to 5 day trip. You will be able to cover a lot of beautiful beaches, try local delicacies, visit islands and cover some of the cities too.

What month is Seychelles the hottest?

The Seychelles has pleasant weather throughout the year. The hottest months are March and April. 

Best time to visit Seychelles with family? 

The Seychelles is a perfect beach getaway for families! Tourists prefer to travel in the peak season, when the weather is perfect, and there are plenty of activities and events to enjoy. 

Best time to visit Seychelles from India? 

If you're travelling from India to the Seychelles vacation, you may want to travel from December to March. This is the peak season, so if you enjoy mellow travelling, plan your visit during another time of the year! 

Is December a good month to go to the Seychelles?

December is the most crowded season for tourists. It’s the perfect time to visit, and is also the most expensive time as many people fly south to the Seychelles  for the winter. Book in advance to avoid disappointment during this busy season.

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