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Indonesia Visa Photo Size

TeamAckoApr 17, 2024

Getting ready for a trip to Indonesia and need to sort out your visa? One important thing you can't overlook is your visa photo. The rules about the size and background of the photo might seem small, but they're actually really important to make sure your visa application goes smoothly. In this quick guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about the Indonesia visa photo requirements, making it easy for you to get your photo right the first time.

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Indonesia Visa Photo Size

If you're planning a trip to Indonesia and need to apply for a visa, one key requirement is submitting a photo. Here are a few parameters that you need to consider regarding the Indonesian visa photo size.

  • The correct size for this photo is 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm.

  • There should be no borders.

  • The face has to take up 80% of the picture.

  • There should be some portion of the subject’s shoulder also.

  • The distance from the top of the photo to the top of the hair should be 3 mm.

  • The image's resolution should ideally be 600 pixels per inch.

Indonesia Visa Photo Background and Quality

Getting your Indonesian visa starts with taking the right photo, and here's what you need to know about the Indonesia visa photo background and quality.

  • For an Indonesia visa photo, the background should be white.

  • The background must be plain, with no pattern or decoration.

  • There should be no one in the background of the picture.

  • There should be no shadow in the background.

In terms of Indonesia visa photo quality, these are the rules that you need to follow: 

  • The photo should be matte-finished and not glossy.

  • It must be of high quality.

  • The photo must be recent (taken within the last three months).

  • The face of the subject should be clearly visible without any shadows or reflections. 

  • It should be a front view of the face, with both ears visible and a neutral expression. 

  • There should be no Photoshop to retouch the photographs.

Indonesia Visa Photo Attire Requirements

When applying for an Indonesian visa, it's crucial to follow the specific photo requirements set by the Indonesian embassy or consulate, including those related to attire. 

Here are some key pointers regarding Indonesia visa photo attire requirements:

  • Choose attire in a solid colour that contrasts well with the background. 

  • Opt for conservative clothing; shoulders should be covered, and avoid wearing tank tops, sleeveless shirts, or anything too revealing.

  • Wearing any form of uniform can lead to your application being rejected.

  • If you are wearing hijabs, make sure your face is visible.

  • No hats or head gear, unless worn for religious reasons.

  • If you wear glasses, ensure there’s no shine on the lenses and your eyes are visible. Tinted glasses and sunglasses are not allowed.

Indonesia Visa Photo Requirements for Children

While it may be challenging to capture an image of a young child for a visa, specific conditions must be satisfied regarding Indonesia visa photo requirements for children:

  • The child’s face should be at the centre of the picture.

  • The child should be looking straight at the camera, and the head should not be tilted.

  • There should be no one in the picture.

  • The facial expression should be neutral, with mouths closed; if less than 3 years old, an open mouth is acceptable.

Facial Expression Requirement for the Photo of Indonesia Visa

The applicant's facial expression in the picture must be neutral, with eyes open and mouth closed. It's important for the face to be fully visible without any shadows or obstructions, and the background should be plain and light-coloured in order to keep the focus on the face. 

So, if you're planning to apply for an Indonesian visa, make sure you get your visa photo size right, choose the right background, and follow any other instructions given. This will help you avoid any unneeded delays or rejections and increase your chances of getting your visa approved. Also, make sure the photos taken are clear, focused and professional, and that all the photo specification boxes are checked.

Till then, happy travels and best of luck with your visa application process!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have answered some of the commonly asked questions about the Indonesia visa photo requirements. Please go through it carefully to get answers to all the questions.


What is the photo size for Indonesia visa?

The photo size for the Indonesia visa is 3.5 x 4.5 cm, and it must be a coloured photo not black and white.

What are the rules for passport photos in Indonesia?

Indonesian passport photos must be coloured with a plain white background. They must have been recently taken and should not be photoshopped. The photo size must measure 35 x 45 mm, and they should face the camera directly. 

Which background is required for Indonesia visa photo specification?

It should have a plain white or off-white background. 

How many photos do you need for an Indonesian visa? 

You need to bring two recent colour photos the size of a passport.

Is the Indonesia visa photo matte or glossy?

The picture for the Indonesia visa should not be shiny; it should be matte.


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