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Universal Studios Singapore: Complete Guide For First-Time Visitors

TeamAckoMay 20, 2024

Universal Studios Singapore is one of the most popular attractions, not just among tourists but also among many celebrities. The theme park is packed with adventure rides, fun rides for kids, and fun shows, and you can meet your favourite movie characters in the meet-and-greet session.

If you are visiting for the first time and are not planning well, you may not be able to experience everything and end up making rounds of Universal Studios. To help you and make sure it does not happen, we have covered everything in our guide for visiting Universal Studios Singapore for the first time.

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This guide will tell you how to get there, what to expect, the entertainment options, the famous rides you must visit, where to eat, and some insider tips. So stick to it!



But before we start, let’s get to know

What is Universal Studios Singapore?

Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park located within Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island, Singapore. It features 28 rides, shows, and attractions in seven themed zones surrounded by a lagoon. 

It was the second Universal Studios theme park to open in Asia (Japan being the first), and the first in Southeast Asia. The park includes themed areas such as Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away, and Madagascar. Each zone offers a mix of rides, attractions, and shows, appealing to families, thrill-seekers, and movie enthusiasts. 

Since its opening in 2010, Universal Studios Singapore has become one of the top tourist attractions in Singapore, offering entertainment and adventures based on major Universal and other studio's film franchises.

How to book Universal Studios tickets?

Universal Studios Singapore sells one-day passes and express tickets. If you buy on the day itself, it will cost you a lot. That’s why we recommend booking online: It’s a lot cheaper, and you don’t have to stay in line for long. Once you are certain about the dates, visit a few of the websites that are licenced as third-party sellers and follow the instructions given. Just remember that the tickets are not refundable and are only valid for the booked dates.

What are the Universal Studios Singapore opening times?

Universal Studios Singapore is open from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M. throughout the week. However, to avoid any inconvenience and make the most of your day, we recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before.

What’s the Universal Studios Singapore location?

Universal Studios Singapore is located within Resorts World Sentosa at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore, 098269.

Universal Studios Singapore Ticket Cost


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Prices may change*

How to get to Universal Studios Singapore?

By Metro: Take the Sentosa Express from Level 3 of the VivoCity shopping mall to Waterfront Station. It takes about 17 minutes to get there. After getting down, take a short stroll to the USS gate.

By Bus: You will get the following option for the bus: ​​

  • Option 1—Bus numbers 10, 30, 65, 80, 93, 97, 100, 131, 145, 166, 188, and 855 take you to VivoCity. Take bus RWS 8 from here and get off at Resorts World Sentosa. 

  • Option 2—Bus numbers 123, 188R, 963R, or NR1, and alight at Resorts World Sentosa (stop 14519).

By Cable Car: Board the cable car heading towards Merlion station. Upon arrival, you have the option to either stroll to Imbiah Station and board the Sentosa Express line, or take bus A or C from the Artillery Avenue stop.

By Taxi: Taxis are very common in Singapore, and you can easily get one near hotels, metro stations, and airports. The fare is around SGD 0.70, which is INR 59 for every kilometre. 

Universal Studios Singapore Zone—Things To Do Guide

Singapore Universal Studios has seven zones, each with a unique theme. Here's what you can expect in each zone:

Zone 1 Hollywood

The Hollywood Zone was designed as a tribute to the glamorous world of cinema and the entertainment industry. As soon as you step into this area, you will be transported into a replica of the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, celebrity look-alikes, the iconic Hollywood Sign and characters from popular Universal movies. 

Entertainment is a big part of the Hollywood zone, with live performances, shows, and street entertainment. The attention to detail is what draws guests' attention to the authentic Hollywood atmosphere.

Best Rides: Trolls Hug Time Jubilee

Shopping Area: Universal Studios Store, Minion Mart, Hello Kitty Studio Store, The Dark Room, The Brown Debry, Candilicious

Where to eat: Mels’s Dive-In, Pops! Popcorn Delight, Starbucks

Zone 2 New York

Inspired by the Big Apple, the New York zone features iconic New York City sidewalks and landmarks. It mirrors post-modern New York with neon-lit street scenes and serves as a backdrop for Hollywood films. The area has brick facades and yellow taxi cabs, making you feel like you're in the heart of New York.

Best Rides: Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase

Best Show: Lights, Camera, Action!

Shopping Area: Big Bird’s Emporium

Where to eat: KT’s Grill, Loui’s NY Pizza Parlour, Me Want Cookie!

Zone 3 Sci-Fi City

Sci-Fi City is designed after what cities would look like in the near future, modelled with space-age technology. It is the ideal location for science fiction enthusiasts to experience next-generation 4D motion-based thrill rides.

Best Rides: Battlestar Galactica: Human Vs Cylon, Transformers The Ride, Accelerator

Meet & Greet Session: Transformers: Voice of Cybertron

Shopping Area: Transformers Supply Vault 

Where to eat: Frozen Fuel, Planet Yen, Starbot Cafe, Star Dots

Zone 4 Ancient Egypt

Once you've finished exploring Sci-Fi, head to the Mummy movie franchise's Ancient Egypt zone, which is styled after the beautiful Egyptian architecture and artefacts discovered during the 1930s Golden Age of Egyptian Exploration.

Best Rides: Revenge of the Mummy, Treasure Hunters

Where to eat: Cairo Market, Oasis Spice Cafe

Zone 5 Jurassic Park Singapore - The Lost World

The Lost World consists of two distinct sections – Jurassic Park and Waterworld. It’s just next to Ancient Egypt and offers more thrilling attractions compared to other areas in the park. So, immerse yourself in the excitement of the iconic Jurassic Park films at The Lost World-themed zone.

Best Rides: Canopy Flyer, Dino-Soarin, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Best Show: WaterWorld

Meet & Greet Session: Hatched! Featuring Dr. Rodney, Raptor Encounter with Blue

Shopping Area: The Dino-Store

Where to eat: Discovery Food Court, Fossil Fuels, Jungle Bites

Zone 6 Far Far Away

The far far away zone is an amazing area with a variety of thrilling rides to experience during your visit. The castle stands at a height of 40 metres and is unquestionably one of the main attractions in the area, and perhaps even in the entire park! It brings to life the magical home of Princess Fiona, complete with a towering castle and charming cobbled-stone streets. A stroll through Far Far Away will bring back all the memories of scenes from the movie because it’s so similar in design. 

Best Rides: Enchanted Airways, Magic Potion Spin, Puss In Boots’ Gaint Journey

Best Show: Donkey Live, Shrek 4-D Adventure

Meet & Greet Session: Happily Ever After, The Dance For The Magic Beans

Shopping Area: Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop 

Where to eat: Friar’s Good Food, Goldilocks

Zone 7 Madagascar

Madagascar is themed on the stories of animals who escaped the zoo and went on an adventure to find where they truly belong. Enjoy the "Madagascar zone" and remember what it was like to live in the exotic jungle. This area is right next to Hollywood and has lush tropical jungles that look just like the ones in the movie.

Best Show: Naruto The Gallery, Universal Star Power Parade

Meet & Greet Session: Alex, Gloria, King Julien and the Penguins

Insider Tips For Visiting Universal Studios Singapore

Here are some handful information we have for you while visiting Universal Studios Singapore:

  • At Universal Studios Singapore, the "Secret Room" in the Far Far Away castle is now a place where kids can have birthday parties and book the entire room.

  • Not many of you know about this, but if you are celebrating your birthday at the USS, make sure to collect your gift from the guest services lobby.

  • There are lockers placed all around the park, but there is an additional fee. If you need to store luggage, you can use the larger lockers at the park entrance. Oversized luggage can be stored at the Rental Services counter for a charge of S$35 per item.

  • Remember to download the Universal Studios Singapore app before you visit. It’s a very useful app that will show you the location of each zone, rides, show times, restaurants, stores, and ride requirements.  

  • Carry your own stroller for the baby because it’s chargeable.

  • Wear comfortable clothes while hanging around, and don’t take unnecessary stuff, as it’s going to be a very long day.

  • If you happen to lose an item, try approaching a team member for assistance or visit the Guest Services counter to inquire about it.

  • Try to avoid going on weekends and public holidays. Visit Universal Studios Singapore on weekdays for a more relaxing day.

  • Buy tickets online to get the cheapest rate and avoid queuing at the ticket counter.

  • Prior to reaching, decide which ride to go on first to avoid indecisiveness and losing time.

  • We would recommend taking the rides that you can’t miss first and then exploring the zones.

  • Try visiting in the afternoon to avoid the peak hours.

  • If you wish to enjoy all the rides, shows, and Meet & Greet sessions, you should consider purchasing the Express Pass. There are two kinds of passes available – the Universal Express Day Pass and the Universal Express Unlimited Day Pass. The Express Day Pass allows one-time access to each ride, while the Express Unlimited Pass allows unlimited access to each ride.

  • No need to miss Meet and Greet sessions because they are scheduled throughout the day.

  • Outside food is allowed so you can bring your own lunch because food is expensive.

  • Smoking inside the USS is prohibited. There are designated smoking areas in the studio.

  • Special events such as Halloween Horror Nights and others require an extra fee, which is not included in the admission fee.

  • No pets are allowed inside the theme park.

  • There are toilets available in every zone near the lockers and ride entrances.

  • There are two ATMs, one at the main entrance of the park and one in The Lost World.

  • There’s a prayer room near the park’s entrance and a nursing room in Sci-Fi City.

We hope this guide will give you an overview of the USS and what you can expect in each zone. With these tips, you can plan a stress-free USS visit. However, there’s one thing that you can’t miss out on: securing your entire Singapore trip with online travel insurance. Emergencies may come at any time, and to reduce unexpected costs, such as hospitalisation, missing baggage, or trip cancellation, travel insurance is a must.

So travel smartly and have a great trip ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few question and answers asked about Universal Studios Singapore


1. What are the highlights of Universal Studios Singapore?

Universal Studios Singapore has seven fun areas: Hollywood, Madagascar, Far Far Away, Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, and New York. Each has its own unique theme, shows, meet-and-greet sessions, and rides.

2. What are the most popular rides at the USS?

Some of the most popular rides at the USS that you cannot miss are: Human or Cylon roller coaster (Sci-Fi City), Enchanted Airways (Far Far Away), Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Revenge of the Mummy (Ancient Egypt), Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase (New York) and Trolls Hug Time Jubilee (Hollywood).

3. What are the different shows that I can look out for at the USS?

Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg, Shrek 4-D Adventure, Elmo’s TV Time, WaterWorld, and Donkey Live are some of the best shows at the Universal Studios Singapore.

4. What is the best time to visit Universal Studio Singapore?

The best time to visit Universal Studios Singapore is during the weekdays. This is because the crowds are very few during this time, and you can explore all the rides, major attractions, and zones at your leisure. Also, the best time of the day would be around the afternoon, when there is less crowd in the queue.

5. How long does it take to explore Universal studio Singapore?

It will take you about two to three hours to see everything at Universal Studio Singapore. 


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